Abson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Abson
William Abson
Thomas Abson
Charles Abson
Joseph Abson
George Abson
Arthur Abson
James Abson
Henry Abson
Ernest Abson
Edward Abson
Fred Abson
Alfred Abson
Wm. Abson
Frank Abson
Albert Abson
Herbert Abson
Benjamin Abson
Thos. Abson
Edwin Abson
Israel Abson
Frederick Abson
Wilfred Abson
Tom Abson
Robert Abson
Harry Abson
Leonard Abson
Walter Abson
Austin Abson
Eustace Abson
Jasper Abson
Archie Abson
Sydney Abson
Jacob Abson
Alexander Abson
Dowson Abson
Samuel Abson
Daniel Abson
Rodger Abson
Chas. Abson
Richd. Abson
Headley Abson
Moses Abson
Gis Abson
Blakely Abson
Mark Abson
Bengmin Abson
Joe Abson
Squire Abson
Isreal Abson

Top female forenames

Mary Abson
Sarah Abson
Ann Abson
Emma Abson
Ellen Abson
Elizabeth Abson
Jane Abson
Annie Abson
Ada Abson
Frances Abson
Eliza Abson
Maria Abson
Kate Abson
Alice Abson
Martha Abson
Hannah Abson
Miriam Abson
Edith Abson
Harriet Abson
Gertrude Abson
Lilly Abson
Emily Abson
Anne Abson
Rebecca Abson
Amy Abson
Agnes Abson
Clara Abson
Margaret Abson
Lavinia Abson
Elsie Abson
Rosetta Abson
Judith Abson
Elizth. Abson
Priscilla Abson
Janet Abson
Isabella Abson
Charlotte Abson
Caroll Abson
Mabel Abson
Florance Abson
Zilpha Abson
Blanche Abson
Lucy Abson
Esther Abson
Sussana Abson
Bertha Abson
Ruth Abson
Jessie Abson
Polly Abson
Eliz. Abson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Book Folder
Buffer (White Met)
Fitter (Artiz)
Domestic Servant
Pupil Teacher
Canal Labourer (Barge)
Cotton Weaver
General Labourer
Provision Dealer
Iron Moulder
Railway Porter
Engine Turner
Wool Sorter
Fish Hook Maker
File Cutter
Estate Agent (Ho)
Farm Lab
Farmers Servant
Engraver (Arts)
Engine Fitter At Works
Farmer Of 14 Acres
Farmer Of 50 Acres Of Land Employing 1 Labourer & 1 Boy
Canal Lock Keeper (Ins)
Boot & Shoe Maker
Boot & Shoe Maker Wife
Brass Fitter
Brush Maker
Brush Manr Employing 17 Men & 1 Boy
Builder Employing 150 Men
Coal Agent (Dealer)
Coal Miner Labourer
Collector Of A/C
Collector Of A/C Wife
Colliery Labourer
Colliery Labourer (C M)
Colliery Labourer (Coal)
Colliery Weighman
Colliery Weighman Wife