Ackerley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Ackerley
John Ackerley
Thomas Ackerley
Joseph Ackerley
James Ackerley
Henry Ackerley
Samuel Ackerley
George Ackerley
Wm. Ackerley
Charles Ackerley
Albert Ackerley
Richard Ackerley
Robert Ackerley
Geo. Ackerley
Benjamin Ackerley
Alfred Ackerley
Ralph Ackerley
Ernest Ackerley
Walter Ackerley
Herbert Ackerley
Peter Ackerley
Edward Ackerley
Arthur Ackerley
Harold Ackerley
Frank Ackerley
Les. Ackerley
Frances Ackerley
Job Ackerley
Digory Ackerley
Stephen Ackerley
Allan Ackerley
Harry Ackerley
Saml. Ackerley
Frederick Ackerley
Francis Ackerley
Leonard Ackerley
Finton Ackerley
Wm.Lawrence Ackerley
Jas. Ackerley
Hugh Ackerley

Top female forenames

Mary Ackerley
Sarah Ackerley
Elizabeth Ackerley
Ann Ackerley
Ellen Ackerley
Martha Ackerley
Jane Ackerley
Annie Ackerley
Eliza Ackerley
Margaret Ackerley
Bertha Ackerley
Hannah Ackerley
Alice Ackerley
Louisa Ackerley
Emma Ackerley
Harriet Ackerley
Fanny Ackerley
Emily Ackerley
Susan Ackerley
Caroline Ackerley
Esther Ackerley
Charlotte Ackerley
Frances Ackerley
Catherine Ackerley
Rose Ackerley
Clara Ackerley
Maria Ackerley
Cathrine Ackerley
Selina Ackerley
Betsy Ackerley
Sabra Ackerley
Kate Ackerley
Rhoda Ackerley
Nancy Ackerley
Henrietta Ackerley
Alenor Ackerley
Eliz. Ackerley
Minnie Ackerley
Agnes Ackerley
Dorothy Ackerley
Genevieve Ackerley
Ada Ackerley
Marry Ackerley
Susannah Ackerley
Margreat Ackerley
Ethel Ackerley
Silena Ackerley
Lucy Ackerley
Bridget Ackerley
Emmeline Ackerley

Top occupations

No Occupation
Fustian Cutter
Ag Lab
Paper Maker
General Laborer
Gardener (Dom)
General Servant
General Labourer
Lodging House Keeper
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv.
Shop Keeper Daughter
Bailiffs Dau
Gardiner (Dom)
Bailiffs Son
Paper Maker Wife
Market Gardener Daughter
At Home
Farmers Son
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Agl. Labourer
Teacher (Sch)
Asst Nurse
Dress Maker
Agricultural Labourer
Drapery Packer
Domestic Servt
Dom Serv
Dom Servant
Calico Weaver
Captain Of Vesell
Butler (Dom)
Chemical Labourer
Clerk In Coal Yard
Coal Miner
Bailiffs Wife
Butler (Dos)