Acres in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Acres
George Acres
Thomas Acres
William Acres
Henry Acres
Alfred Acres
Barnard Acres
Walter Acres
Arthur Acres
Albert Acres
Ernest Acres
Joseph Acres
Jeremiah Acres
Harry Acres
Robert Acres
Edward Acres
James Acres
Randall Acres
Austin Acres
Percival Acres
Abram Acres
Tom Acres
Christopher Acres
Sidney Acres
Samson Acres
Edwin Acres
Thos. Acres
Horace Acres
Daniel Acres
Sullins Acres
Samuel Acres
Charles Acres
Benjamen Acres
Richard Acres
Fred. Acres
Peter Acres
Francis Acres
Elizabeth Acres
David Acres
Harrington Acres
Chars.Ernest Acres
Glande Acres
Benjamin Acres
Richd. Acres
Frederic Acres
Frank Acres
Percy Acres
Wilfrid Acres
W.G. Acres
Abraham Acres

Top female forenames

Mary Acres
Elizabeth Acres
Sarah Acres
Annie Acres
Emma Acres
Charlotte Acres
Eliza Acres
Jane Acres
Alice Acres
Emily Acres
Ada Acres
Margaret Acres
Ann Acres
Ellen Acres
Rose Acres
Louisa Acres
Edith Acres
Caroline Acres
Julia Acres
Constance Acres
Catherine Acres
Jessie Acres
Clara Acres
Harriet Acres
Maria Acres
Grace Acres
Thirza Acres
Fanny Acres
Susan Acres
Lizzie Acres
Sophie Acres
Katherine Acres
Silphar Acres
Janet Acres
Elena Acres
Rachel Acres
Isabella Acres
Mrs. Acres
Harriett Acres
Martha Acres
Hariet Acres
Margarita Acres
Florence Acres
Susannah Acres
Bessie Acres
Esther Acres
Sunnah Acres
Anne Acres
Lily Acres
Sophia Acres

Top occupations

Farm Laborer
Farmers Son
Ag Lab
General Servant
Coal Miner
Farm Bailiff
Pupil Teacher
Retired Farmer
Gen Serv Dom
Manager Of Boot Factory
Bankers Clerk
Stocking Winder
Maltmaker (Malster)
General Serv
Wood Cutting Machinist
Farmer of 120 Acres
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Labr
Farm Labourer
Farmer 340 Acres Employing 8 Men And 4 Boys
Farmer 530 Acres
Farmer Of 120 Ac Emp 7 M 2 Boys
Coal Heaver
Book Keeper
Brewers Clerk Unemployed
Butcher Wife
Clerk (Mission To Seamen)
Clerk Insurance Comp
Coach Body Maker (Ry)
Coach Painter
Coach Trimmer
Auctioneer & House Valuer
Coal Porter
Coal Porter (Pauper)
Comercial Clerk Draper