Ades in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Ades
Henry Ades
James Ades
Thomas Ades
Alfred Ades
William Ades
Spencer Ades
Robert Ades
Charles Ades
Richard Ades
Ernest Ades
Arthur Ades
Fred Ades
Stephen Ades
Edwin Ades
Samuel Ades
Joseph Ades
Aaron Ades
Habit Ades
Gabriel Ades
Edward Ades
M. Ades
Albert Ades
John Ades
Herbert Ades
Harry Ades
Tommy Ades

Top female forenames

Mary Ades
Elizabeth Ades
Charlotte Ades
Lucy Ades
Maria Ades
Alice Ades
Fanny Ades
Philadelphia Ades
Eliza Ades
Ann Ades
Naoma Ades
Edith Ades
Catherine Ades
Bessie Ades
Louisa Ades
Isabel Ades
Francis Ades
Victoria Ades
Ester Ades
Mercy Ades
Martha Ades
Caroline Ades
Lizzie Ades
Harriett Ades
Florence Ades
Winifred Ades
Esther Ades
Rose Ades

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Pauper Scholar
General Servant
Jewellers Assistant
Housekeeper (Dom)
General Servant Dom
Labourer Out Of Work Gen
Licensed Victualler
Merchant (Shipping)
Milk Boy
Porteress To Alms House Dom Serv
Retired Dairyman
Retired Farmer
Stone Sawyer
General Laborer
Farm Labourer
Dressmaker & Milliner
Carter & Engine Driver (7/1)
Builders Labr
Architect Unemployed
Agricultural Labourer Wife
Agricultural Labourer Son
Agricultural Labourer Daur
Agricultural Labourer
Agr Laborer
Carter Ag
Carters Ag Lab
Domestic Serv Kitchenmaid
Cook Domestic Serv
Contractor Retired
Commercial Clerk In Sugar & Fruit Merchants Office
Commercial Clerk
Coal Porter
Clerk Ldn & City Bank
Ag Lab W