Adney in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Adney
John Adney
James Adney
William Adney
George Adney
Henry Adney
Edward Adney
Richard Adney
Alfred Adney
Frank Adney
Edmund Adney
Hugh Adney
Fredrick Adney
Francis Adney
Wm. Adney
Tom Adney
Benjamin Adney
Leopold Adney
Georg Adney
Ernest Adney
Arthur Adney
Marcus Adney

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Adney
Fanny Adney
Sarah Adney
Mary Adney
Margaret Adney
Alice Adney
Ada Adney
Annie Adney
Ellen Adney
Blanche Adney
Emma Adney
Rebecca Adney
Constance Adney
Caroline Adney
Lallie Adney
Janet Adney
Harriett Adney
Florence Adney
Susannah Adney
Evelyn Adney
Rose Adney
Maud Adney
Eliza Adney
Maria Adney
Charlotte Adney
Marg.A. Adney
Jessie Adney
Ann Adney
Jane Adney
Agusta Adney
Harriet Adney

Top occupations

Farmer Son
Farmer Wife
Assistant In Drapers Shop
Farmer Daur
Insurance Agent
Inmate Of Hospital
House Wife
(Commercial Clerk Leather) & Tobacconist
Iron Works Clerk
M. R. C. T. E.
Master Draper
Master Draper Wife
Master Shoemaker Employing 2 Men
No Trade
Out Of Employ
Railway Porter
Farming 240 Acres Emp 6 Men & One Boy
Farmers Son
Boot Maker Employ 1 Boy
Clerks Wife
Domestic Ser
Engraver (A)
Errand Boy
Farmer 100 Acres Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Farmer 180 Acres 2 Men Tanner 5 Men 1 Women
Farmer Employing 4 Men & 1 Boy
Slate Mason