Aggas in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Aggas
James Aggas
Walter Aggas
Robert Aggas
John Aggas
Adam Aggas
George Aggas
Charles Aggas
Edward Aggas
Arthur Aggas
Albert Aggas
Zachariah Aggas
Joseph Aggas

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Aggas
Ann Aggas
Alice Aggas
Hannah Aggas
Emily Aggas
Charlotte Aggas
Annie Aggas
Amelia Aggas
Emma Aggas
Ellen Aggas
Blanche Aggas
Margaret Aggas
Louisa Aggas
Kersia Aggas
Ada Aggas
Jessie Aggas
Sophia Aggas
Milicent Aggas
Mary Aggas
Maria Aggas
Lousia Aggas
Lily Aggas
Agnes Aggas
Kate Aggas
Harriet Aggas
Sarah Aggas
Maryann Aggas
Clara Aggas
Marion Aggas

Top occupations

Dock Labr
Flax Operative
Labourer General (Army Reserve)
(Railway) Engine Stoker
Iron Turner (Machine Smith)
Labourer Wife
Laundress (Her Husband Footman At Tong Hall On April 3rd & 4th)
Living On Interest Of Money
Moulder Lab (Iron)
Nurse Dom
Office (Boy)
Purveyor To Refreshment Rooms
Retired Grocer
Sergt H M 108 Regt Foot & Staff Sergt
Housemaid Serv
Brewers Laborer
Chemists Assistant
Cook Domestic Servant
Dairy Maid
Farm Serv (In Door)
Farmer 56 Acres Emp 2 Men
Farmer Employing 1 Man
Farmers Wife
Footman Domestic Serv
General Servant Domestic
Governess (Prv)
West Norfolk Militia