Albon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Albon
William Albon
James Albon
John Albon
Thomas Albon
Arthur Albon
Walter Albon
Alfred Albon
Frederick Albon
Samuel Albon
Henry Albon
Charles Albon
Albert Albon
Edward Albon
Spencer Albon
Richard Albon
Joseph Albon
David Albon
Robert Albon
Harry Albon
Leonard Albon
Fred Albon
Edmund Albon
Frank Albon
Willie Albon
Jonah Albon
Ernest Albon
Will. Albon
Abraham Albon
Jesse Albon
Elias Albon
Isaiah Albon
Devin Albon
Herbert Albon
Bertie Albon
Oliver Albon
Fredrick Albon
Jonathan Albon
Ezra Albon
Adolph Albon
Ephraim Albon
Abel Albon
Jas. Albon
Edwin Albon
Stephen Albon
Jabez Albon
Sergeant Albon
Isaac Albon
Davis Albon
Sam. Albon

Top female forenames

Sarah Albon
Mary Albon
Emma Albon
Elizabeth Albon
Ada Albon
Kate Albon
Ellen Albon
Eliza Albon
Alice Albon
Martha Albon
Laura Albon
Annie Albon
Edith Albon
Jane Albon
Harriett Albon
Florence Albon
Harriet Albon
Susan Albon
Caroline Albon
Ann Albon
Emily Albon
Hannah Albon
Agnes Albon
Bertha Albon
Lucy Albon
Fanny Albon
Esther Albon
Priscilla Albon
Nellie Albon
Margaret Albon
Louisa Albon
Anna Albon
Pollie Albon
Amelia Albon
Octavia Albon
Jessie Albon
Naome Albon
Isabel Albon
Ursula Albon
Clara Albon
Maria Albon
Gertrude Albon
Ruth Albon
Mabel Albon
Frances Albon
Rosa Albon
Rebecca Albon
Anne Albon
Lottie Albon
Phoebe Albon

Top occupations

Straw Plaiter
Ag Lab
Ag Labourer
Horse Hair Weaver
Farm Lab
Farm Labr
Lodging House Keeper
Straw Cutter
Ward Attendant (Instit Ser)
Wife Of Farm Lab
Lab In Brickyd
Publican Son
Brickyd Lab
General Dealer
Ag Labr
Farm Labourer
General Labourer
Labourer Agricultural
Dock Labourer
Domestic Servant (Cook)
Engine Driver (Brewery)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv Cook
Dress Maker
Dom Serv
Domestic Servant House Maid
Drapers Asst
Brewers Cellarman
Brick Burner
Bricklayer Wife
Brickyd Laborer Wife
Butler Dom Serv
Cabinet Maker
Carpenter Apprentice
Agricultural Labourer (Paupers)
Cattle Dealer
Cattle Doctor
Cheesemongers Traveller (Com)
Coachman (Dom)
Cocoa Fibre Mat Trimmer