Aldworth in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Aldworth
Alfred Aldworth
John Aldworth
George Aldworth
Joseph Aldworth
Thomas Aldworth
Charles Aldworth
Arthur Aldworth
Frederick Aldworth
Henry Aldworth
Robert Aldworth
Walter Aldworth
Francis Aldworth
Richard Aldworth
Samuel Aldworth
Edmund Aldworth
Philip Aldworth
Albert Aldworth
Christopher Aldworth
Jas. Aldworth
J.B. Aldworth
Alf. Aldworth
Alex Aldworth
Timothy Aldworth
Agustus Aldworth
Frank Aldworth
Ernest Aldworth
Richd. Aldworth
Chas. Aldworth
Boaz Aldworth
James Aldworth
Alexander Aldworth
Geo. Aldworth
Thos. Aldworth
Fred Aldworth
Adam Aldworth
Theopilis Aldworth
Edwin Aldworth

Top female forenames

Mary Aldworth
Sarah Aldworth
Ellen Aldworth
Elizabeth Aldworth
Emily Aldworth
Alice Aldworth
Martha Aldworth
Jane Aldworth
Margaret Aldworth
Emma Aldworth
Maria Aldworth
Hannah Aldworth
Annie Aldworth
Ann Aldworth
Eliza Aldworth
Helen Aldworth
Anne Aldworth
Lydia Aldworth
Eva Aldworth
Florence Aldworth
Esther Aldworth
Olivia Aldworth
Leah Aldworth
Maryanne Aldworth
Charlotte Aldworth
Harriet Aldworth
Beatrice Aldworth
Gertrude Aldworth
Wm. Aldworth
Ruth Aldworth
Amy Aldworth
Louisa Aldworth
Ethel Aldworth
Phoebe Aldworth
Letitia Aldworth
Nora Aldworth
Kate Aldworth
Millicent Aldworth
Jesse Aldworth
Matilda Aldworth
Henrietta Aldworth
Edith Aldworth
Harriett Aldworth
Blanche Aldworth
M.A. Aldworth
Louise Aldworth
Euphemia Aldworth
Rose Aldworth
Amey Aldworth
Lizy Aldworth

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Engine Fitter
Genl Laborer
General Serv (Domestic)
Ag Labourer
Housemaid (Domestic)
Farmer 788 Acres Employing 24 Men 5 Boys And 3 Women
Farmer 500 Acres Employing 20 Labourers & 5 Boys
Farm Servant
Farm Bailiff
Engineer Slott...
Tramway Manager
Farmer Of 340 Acres Employing 10 Men 4 Women & 3 Boys
Grocers Assistant
Grocer & Pattern Maker
Genl Servt
General Servant
Farmer Of 460 Acs Employing 17 Labourer & 7 Boys
General Serv
General Domestic Serv
Field Labour
Carver & Gilder
Employed At Home (Dom)
Carpenter & Joiner Journeyman
Bakers Asst
Boot & Shoemaker
Builders Labourer
Brewers Lab
Agric Labourer
Certificated Teacher
Domestic Serv Cook
Domestic Serv
Cook (Domestic Servt)
Ag Labr
Coach Painter
Clerk In Wholesale Clothier Also Grocer & Cheesemaker
Clerk In Holy Orders