Alexandra in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Alexandra
William Alexandra
George Alexandra
Charles Alexandra
James Alexandra
Thomas Alexandra
Arthur Alexandra
Alfred Alexandra
Henry Alexandra
Lionel Alexandra
Andrew Alexandra
Robert Alexandra
Francis Alexandra
Manus Alexandra
Dionus Alexandra
Lewis Alexandra
Wm.A.C. Alexandra
Joseph Alexandra
Wilfred Alexandra
B. Alexandra
Jas. Alexandra
Victor Alexandra
Israel Alexandra
Rueben Alexandra
Albert Alexandra
H. Alexandra
Richard Alexandra
Frederick Alexandra
Moses Alexandra
Elick Alexandra
Wm.S. Alexandra
David Alexandra
Joshua Alexandra
Benjamin Alexandra
W. Alexandra
Augustus Alexandra
Torcas Alexandra
Horace Alexandra
Stephen Alexandra
Alexandra Alexandra
Harry Alexandra
Percy Alexandra

Top female forenames

Mary Alexandra
Sarah Alexandra
Jane Alexandra
Emily Alexandra
Ann Alexandra
Elizabeth Alexandra
Emma Alexandra
Annie Alexandra
Alice Alexandra
Zipporah Alexandra
Eliza Alexandra
Harriet Alexandra
Martha Alexandra
Margaret Alexandra
Rosa Alexandra
Josephine Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra
Jesse Alexandra
Phobe Alexandra
Edith Alexandra
Isabella Alexandra
May Alexandra
Charlotte Alexandra
Hellen Alexandra
Hannah Alexandra
Margt. Alexandra
Frances Alexandra
Madelina Alexandra
Adelaide Alexandra
Florance Alexandra
Lizza Alexandra
Faith Alexandra
Rosalia Alexandra
Kate Alexandra
Rebbecca Alexandra
Jessie Alexandra
Polly Alexandra
Minnie Alexandra
Cristanie Alexandra
Hersery Alexandra
Matilda Alexandra
B.E.H. Alexandra
Gertrude Alexandra
Agnes Alexandra
Florence Alexandra
Louisa Alexandra
Femina Alexandra
Lilly Alexandra

Top occupations

No Occupation
Income From Lands & Dividends
Weaver Cotton Factory
Coal Miner
General Labr
Trent College (Student)
Gen Merchant
Genl Servt
General Serv
Wine Cellarman
Fruit Salesman
General Dealer
House Maid
Housekeeper Longleat
Member Of Stock Exchange
Licensed Victualler
Lace Maker
Labourer (General)
Iron Ship Worker
Iron Founder
Farmer 200 Acres Employ 3 Men & 1 Boy
Clerk Solicitors
Clerk In Post Office (C S)
Clerk In Bank
Catholic Priest
Bricklayers Wife
Boot & Shoe Maker
Dentists Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor) (Ag Lab)
Engine Driver In Factory
Drysalters Clerk
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Dom Serv
Diamond Polisher