Alland in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Henry Alland
William Alland
George Alland
John Alland
Arthur Alland
Thos. Alland
Joseph Alland
James Alland
Ebenerser Alland
Wm. Alland
Augustus Alland
Walter Alland
Robert Alland
Geo. Alland
Frederick Alland
Ernest Alland
Charles Alland
Fredk. Alland
Ferancis Alland

Top female forenames

Alice Alland
Kerzia Alland
Florence Alland
Elizabeth Alland
Margaret Alland
Jane Alland
Rosa Alland
Annie Alland
Mary Alland
Lucy Alland
Julia Alland
Emma Alland
Susannah Alland
Eleanor Alland
Maud Alland
Anne Alland
Agnes Alland
Laura Alland
Kate Alland
Florance Alland
Ellen Alland
Eliza Alland

Top occupations

Gas Fitter
Brace Finisher
Engineer At Works (E&M)
Hairdressers Assistant
Housemaid Domestic
No Occup
Private R M L I (Marine)
Rents & Dividends
Gen Labourer
(Charwoman) Cleaner At Guildhall
Boot Machint
Brass Finisher
Coffee Shop Manager
Collector Of Friendly Society (Ins)
Foreman In Wool Weaving Shed