Allardyce in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Allardyce
John Allardyce
Henry Allardyce
George Allardyce
James Allardyce
Frank Allardyce
Frederick Allardyce
Charles Allardyce
Alexander Allardyce
Tom Allardyce
Edmund Allardyce
Archibald Allardyce
Walter Allardyce
Samuel Allardyce

Top female forenames

Mary Allardyce
Charlotte Allardyce
Elizabeth Allardyce
Jane Allardyce
Wilhelmina Allardyce
Emma Allardyce
Rebecca Allardyce
Ellen Allardyce
Phebe Allardyce
Maria Allardyce
Blanche Allardyce
Louise Allardyce
Agnes Allardyce
Isabel Allardyce
Florance Allardyce
Susan Allardyce
Eva Allardyce
Sarah Allardyce
Elliott Allardyce
Phoebe Allardyce
Catherine Allardyce
Margaret Allardyce
Ann Allardyce
Laura Allardyce
Isabella Allardyce
Florence Allardyce
Evelyn Allardyce
Sophia Allardyce

Top occupations

(Not Dom)
Governess Domestic Serv
Income From Annuity
Income From Houses
Lunatic Attendant
Printer Compositor
Private 2nd Batt 12th Regt
Shopman (Gen)
General Clerk Solicitors
Aerathed? Keeper Bread Depot
Ag Lab
Asst To Bakery
Asst To Bakery (Baker)
Baker Bread Depot
Clerk In The SC Dks Co
Clerk To Father
Commercial Traveller
Cook & Confectioner Employing 2 Men 1 Boy
Stone Letter Cutter (Mason)