Allberry in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Allberry
Edwin Allberry
George Allberry
Harry Allberry
Albert Allberry
William Allberry
Henry Allberry
Edmund Allberry
Percy Allberry
James Allberry
Frederick Allberry
John Allberry
Ernest Allberry
Alfred Allberry

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Allberry
Emma Allberry
Alice Allberry
Eliza Allberry
Florence Allberry
Emily Allberry
Jane Allberry
Francis Allberry
Ellen Allberry
Caroline Allberry
Sarah Allberry
Annie Allberry
Mary Allberry
Lavena Allberry
Henry Allberry
Clara Allberry
Arthur Allberry
Mercy Allberry
Amy Allberry
Marie Allberry

Top occupations

Certificate Teacher
Stoker Convict Service
Shipping Agent Clerk
Servant Dom
Servant (Home)
School Mistress
Milkman (Ag Lab)
Managing Clerk
Machine Printer
Lamp Cleaner (Coal Miner)
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employing 9 Men & 3 Boys
Commission Agent
Warders Wife