Allcorn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Allcorn
George Allcorn
John Allcorn
Henry Allcorn
James Allcorn
Edward Allcorn
Charles Allcorn
Alfred Allcorn
Arthur Allcorn
Thomas Allcorn
Benjamin Allcorn
Frederick Allcorn
Herbert Allcorn
Thos. Allcorn
Willm. Allcorn
Francis Allcorn
Chas. Allcorn
And. Allcorn
Albert Allcorn
Geo. Allcorn
Fredrick Allcorn
Stephen Allcorn
Samuel Allcorn
Obed. Allcorn
Christopher Allcorn
Jules Allcorn
Jesse Allcorn
Walter Allcorn
Friend Allcorn
Fredric Allcorn
Sidney Allcorn
Robert Allcorn
David Allcorn
Leslie Allcorn

Top female forenames

Mary Allcorn
Emily Allcorn
Elizabeth Allcorn
Annie Allcorn
Ellen Allcorn
Ann Allcorn
Sarah Allcorn
Alice Allcorn
Fanny Allcorn
Lily Allcorn
Edith Allcorn
Louisa Allcorn
Anne Allcorn
Minnie Allcorn
Jane Allcorn
Eliza Allcorn
Harriett Allcorn
Margaret Allcorn
Frances Allcorn
Lucy Allcorn
Florence Allcorn
Esther Allcorn
Nellie Allcorn
Julia Allcorn
Harriet Allcorn
Maria Allcorn
Emma Allcorn
Susan Allcorn
Lauria Allcorn
Elmily Allcorn
Amelia Allcorn
Kate Allcorn
Elizth. Allcorn
Adelaide Allcorn
Matilda Allcorn
Marian Allcorn
Hannah Allcorn
Celia Allcorn
Carolina Allcorn
Anna Allcorn
Lenora Allcorn
Sophia Allcorn
Amy Allcorn
Laura Allcorn
May Allcorn
Henrietta Allcorn
Elisabeth Allcorn
Clara Allcorn
Grace Allcorn
Catherine Allcorn

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cook (Dom)
Farm Servant
Farmers Daur
Servant Domestic
Bricklayers Lab
Game Keeper
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Farmer & Spirit Merchants Daur
Writer On Glass
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Farmer Of 63 Acres
General Laborer
Formerly Laundress
General Agrl Laborer
French Polisher
Gen Labourer Wife
Farmers Wife
Gardener (N.D.)
Gas Fitter
Gen Labourer
Cook Domestic
Ag Lab Indoor
Ag Labourer 2 Or 3 Cows
Beerhouse Keeper
Brewer In Brewery
Brewers Wife
Carpenter (Journym)
Cheesemongers Asst
Coachman (Domestic Servant)
Coal Merchant
Collector Of Rates Assistant Oversear
Ag Labr
Cook Domestic Servant
Domestic S Hall Boy
Domestic Serv Cook