Allday in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Allday
William Allday
Thomas Allday
George Allday
Henry Allday
Alfred Allday
Arthur Allday
James Allday
Harry Allday
Edward Allday
Richard Allday
Francis Allday
Charles Allday
Robert Allday
Frederick Allday
Benjamin Allday
Walter Allday
Edmund Allday
Joseph Allday
Frank Allday
Willm. Allday
Sidney Allday
Wm. Allday
Arnold Allday
Percy Allday
Beverley Allday
Jamel Allday
Adam Allday
Nicholas Allday
Edwin Allday
Leonard Allday
Benjm. Allday
Isaac Allday
Ben Allday
Geo. Allday
Alfd.Joseph Allday
Ernest Allday
Lesley Allday
Julias Allday
Creoceus Allday

Top female forenames

Sarah Allday
Mary Allday
Ellen Allday
Annie Allday
Elizabeth Allday
Eliza Allday
Ann Allday
Alice Allday
Ada Allday
Jane Allday
Martha Allday
Emma Allday
Hannah Allday
Susan Allday
Clara Allday
Caroline Allday
Fanny Allday
Louisa Allday
Emily Allday
Rebecca Allday
Matilda Allday
Minnie Allday
Edith Allday
Maryann Allday
Margaret Allday
Lucy Allday
Amelia Allday
Harriett Allday
Maria Allday
Francis Allday
Lydia Allday
Florence Allday
Anne Allday
Kate Allday
Elizebeth Allday
Norah Allday
Amellia Allday
Henrietta Allday
Helen Allday
Clarinda Allday
Susanah Allday
Frances Allday
Sophia Allday
Ruth Allday
Bertha Allday
Lilian Allday
Pollie Allday
Anna Allday
Joanna Allday
Nelly Allday

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Bricklayers Lab
Ag Labo
Pensioner Of St Pancras Alms Houses
Licensed Victualler
Dress Maker
Governess (P)
Laborers Wife
Agr Laborer
Gen Serv
Agricultural Laborer
Coal Agent
General Laborer
General Servant
Retired Bellows Maker
Farm Labourer
Bellows Maker & Master Engineer (E & M)
No Occupation
Hay Binder (Ag Lab)
Gold & S Chain Maker
Engine Smith At Works
Formerley Butchers Wife
Engine Driver
Electro Plate Burnisher
Farm Laborer
Driver In Iron Stone Mines
Farm Labour
Cattle Dealer
Woodmans Wife
Bk Layers Labr (Militia Rct Tempy Present)
Book Folder
Butcher Employing 1 Boy
Button Maker
Artist Painter
Cattle Salesman
Chain Maker