Allee in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Allee
John Allee
Edward Allee
Charles Allee
Frank Allee
Ernest Allee
George Allee
Frederick Allee
Thomas Allee
Suffer Allee
Ameer Allee
Golain Allee
Ahmed Allee
Ouiet Allee
Geamut Allee
Wuzeer Allee
Osinun Allee
Walter Allee
Nusser Allee
Tophird Allee
Mosson Allee
Coriem Allee
Suinmod Allee
Chand Allee
Some Allee
Icemid Allee
Asunit Allee
Rujub Allee
Herbert Allee
Arthur Allee
Robert Allee
Hamed Allee
Alfred Allee
Rahoman Allee
Abbass Allee
Ouer Allee
Omed Allee
Eusuph Allee
W. Allee
Noor Allee
Mohab Allee
James Allee
Aueser Allee
Runijaun Allee
Hyder Allee
Ashruff Allee
Rowland Allee
Hazeer Allee
Richard Allee

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Allee
Mary Allee
M. Allee
Annie Allee
Kezia Allee
Edith Allee
Margaret Allee
Bessie Allee
Caroline Allee
Laura Allee
Harriett Allee
Emily Allee
Elizth. Allee
Victoria Allee
Sarah Allee
Charlotte Allee
Lillie Allee
Ada Allee
Keziah Allee
Jane Allee
Harriet Allee
Ellen Allee
Susan Allee
Clara Allee

Top occupations

Coal Trimmer
House Painter
Lascar Seaman
Ag Lab
Nurse (Domestic)
No Occupation
Silk Winder
Manager Over Cutters In Mantle Factory
Licensed Victualler
Under Boots
Silk Weaver
Oilman (Fireman Seaman)
Oilman Smn
Serang (Boatswain)
Plumbers Laborer
Retired Housekeeper
Seaman Lascar
Seaman Seacunny
Second Findel (Fireman Seaman)
Painter And Plumber
Labourer Gas Works
Clerk NMT Co
Bricklayers Laborer
Bhandary Seaman
Auctioneers Wife
Auctioneer Valuer & Book Seller
Donkman (Fireman Seaman)
General Laborer
Gardener Domestic Chelsea Pensioner
Formerly Charwoman
Fireman Serang
Farmer Of 55 Acres Employg 1 Man
Farm Laborer
Agricultural Labourer