Allender in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Allender
William Allender
George Allender
Edward Allender
Thomas Allender
Henry Allender
Charles Allender
Samuel Allender
James Allender
Edwin Allender
Richard Allender
Frederick Allender
Ernest Allender
Cleamon Allender
Reynold Allender
Arthur Allender
Hubert Allender
Albert Allender
Wiliam Allender
Ethelbert Allender
Thos. Allender
Solomon Allender
Edmund Allender
Robert Allender
Colin Allender
Chas. Allender
Mary Allender
Bernard Allender
Alfred Allender
Timothy Allender
David Allender
Richd. Allender

Top female forenames

Mary Allender
Elizabeth Allender
Sarah Allender
Ann Allender
Emma Allender
Ellen Allender
Maria Allender
Esther Allender
Emily Allender
Eliza Allender
Annie Allender
Amelia Allender
Fanny Allender
Caroline Allender
Margaret Allender
Alice Allender
Susan Allender
Hannah Allender
Rebecca Allender
Mabel Allender
Elenoer Allender
Agnes Allender
Louisa Allender
Eleanor Allender
Jane Allender
E. Allender
Harriet Allender
Deborah Allender
Rachel Allender
Balinda Allender
Miria Allender
Anne Allender
Martha Allender
Elizth. Allender
Amy Allender
Lydia Allender
Eleneor Allender
Kate Allender
Edith Allender
Isabella Allender
Dorcas Allender
Clara Allender
Evelyn Allender
Belindah Allender
Myra Allender

Top occupations

Spring Knife Cutler
Iron Worker
Dock Laborer
Millman Iron Worker
Potters Assistant
Striker (Edge & Tool)
Domestic Servant
Labourer In Iron Works
Brass Founder
Domestic Serv
Ironworkers Assistant
Member Of Stock Exchange
Wife Of Mariner
Government Annuity
Gun Barrell Borer
Iron Heater
Housekeeper (Dom)
Labourer At Iron Works
Lab At Forge Ironworks
Jobbing Grinder (Cutler)
Iron Puddler
Engineer (Seaman)
General Lab
Gen Serv
Cutlery Manufacturers
Corn Porter
Commercial Clerk In Iron Works
Coal Miner
Coal Hearer
Brass Founder Employing 35 Hands
Day Servant
Dom Serv
Furnace Man (Coal Miner)
Forge Manager Iron
Engineer Retired
Brewer Wife
Engin Fitter
Ender Eosler Worker
Dress & Mantle Maker