Alleyne in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Alleyne
Charles Alleyne
James Alleyne
Foster Alleyne
Edward Alleyne
Claude Alleyne
Willie Alleyne
Bonaeris Alleyne
Wentworth Alleyne
Baron Alleyne
Rich.Edw. Alleyne
A.B. Alleyne
Philip Alleyne
Henry Alleyne
Evelyn Alleyne
Douglas Alleyne
William Alleyne
Ben Alleyne
Thos. Alleyne
Alexander Alleyne
Reynold Alleyne
Herbert Alleyne

Top female forenames

Mary Alleyne
Agnes Alleyne
Augusta Alleyne
Emily Alleyne
Helen Alleyne
Charlotte Alleyne
Caroline Alleyne
Thyra Alleyne
Gertrude Alleyne
Susanah Alleyne
Frances Alleyne
Annabella Alleyne
Sarah Alleyne
Evelyn Alleyne
Alma Alleyne
Rosalie Alleyne
Alexandrina Alleyne
Mildred Alleyne
Ellen Alleyne
Ada Alleyne
Margaret Alleyne
Elizabeth Alleyne
Julia Alleyne
Edith Alleyne
Catherine Alleyne
Grace Alleyne
Beatrice Alleyne
Susanna Alleyne
Georgina Alleyne
Audley Alleyne
Selina Alleyne
Florence Alleyne
Amy Alleyne
Ruby Alleyne
Emma Alleyne
Alice Alleyne
Phylis Alleyne
Elsie Alleyne
Elizth. Alleyne
Katherine Alleyne
Eleanora Alleyne
Imogen Alleyne
H. Alleyne

Top occupations

Income Derived From Interest Of Money
Asst Wine Merchant
Rector Of St Edmunds
Rector Of Kentisbeare
Private Income Shares
Occupative Income &c
Rectors Daur
Rectors Wife
Retired Lieu 12 Royal Lancers
Retired Master Mariner
Retired Master Mariner Wife
Solicitors Clerk
Student Civil Law
Town Housekeeper (Caretaker) (Office Keeper)
No Occupation
Merchantile Marine
Assistant Dyer
Baronet Civil & Mechl Engineer M I C E
Baronet Civil & Mechl Engineer M I C E Wife
Bleacher And Dyer
Builders Carman
Commander Ryl Navy
Engineers Bookeeper
Lieut Colonel (Retired)
Major Ryl Artillery (Active List)
Mechanical Enginer Manager Ironworks (E & M Mnf)
Wife Of Lieut Colonel