Allgood in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Allgood
John Allgood
Charles Allgood
James Allgood
Frederick Allgood
George Allgood
Henry Allgood
Edwin Allgood
David Allgood
Arthur Allgood
Alfred Allgood
Herbert Allgood
Thomas Allgood
Albert Allgood
Samuel Allgood
Ernest Allgood
Robert Allgood
Frank Allgood
Isaac Allgood
Joseph Allgood
Thos. Allgood
Simon Allgood
Adrian Allgood
A.C. Allgood
Joshua Allgood
Eli Allgood
Edward Allgood
J.S. Allgood
Edgar Allgood
Cornelius Allgood
Wm. Allgood
Bertram Allgood
Walter Allgood
Harry Allgood
Amos Allgood
Fredric Allgood
Fred Allgood
Abraham Allgood
Peter Allgood
Edmund Allgood
Izri Allgood
Zimri Allgood
Horace Allgood

Top female forenames

Mary Allgood
Elizabeth Allgood
Emma Allgood
Ann Allgood
Sarah Allgood
Annie Allgood
Jane Allgood
Harriet Allgood
Charlotte Allgood
Fanny Allgood
Alice Allgood
Emily Allgood
Louisa Allgood
Kate Allgood
Clara Allgood
Martha Allgood
Lydia Allgood
Ellen Allgood
Eliza Allgood
Rosa Allgood
C. Allgood
Maria Allgood
Emmeline Allgood
M.A. Allgood
Susanna Allgood
Ada Allgood
Lousia Allgood
Elizth. Allgood
Selina Allgood
Eliza.W. Allgood
Rosina Allgood
Eleanor Allgood
Rose Allgood
Hester Allgood
Roland Allgood
Hannah Allgood
Caroline Allgood
Minnie Allgood
Frances Allgood
B.V. Allgood
Esther Allgood
M.C. Allgood
Agnes Allgood
Susan Allgood
Louise Allgood
Leina Allgood
Rosetta Allgood
E. Allgood
Naomi Allgood
Gertrude Allgood

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Farm Servant
Agr Lab
Augl Laborer
Boot Maker
Ag Lab
General Serv Domestic
Scholar Twin
Cook Domestic
Retired Farmer
Machine Ruler
Labourer's wife
Fruit Labourer
Gen. Ser.
Agricultural Labourer
General Serv.
General Servant
Hay Trusser
Household Duties
Interest Of Money
Assistant To General Shop
Chemist Mastr Empg 1 Boy
Wood Turner
Barman (Inn)
Chemists Wife
Carpenter & Joiner
Clerk At Colliery
Coal Miner
Bricklayers Lab
Corn & Flour Dealer
Corn & Flour Dealer Wife
Brewer's Marker
Domestic (Ser)
Domestic Serv (Cook)
Domestic Servant
Engine Driver (Agricultural Portable)