Allnutt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Allnutt
William Allnutt
Henry Allnutt
George Allnutt
Alfred Allnutt
Thomas Allnutt
Charles Allnutt
Arthur Allnutt
Frederick Allnutt
Walter Allnutt
Ernest Allnutt
Herbert Allnutt
Percy Allnutt
Edwin Allnutt
James Allnutt
Samuel Allnutt
Albert Allnutt
Frank Allnutt
Edward Allnutt
Benjamin Allnutt
Harry Allnutt
Frederic Allnutt
Fredrich Allnutt
Oliver Allnutt
Moses Allnutt
Willm. Allnutt
Martyn Allnutt
Jno. Allnutt
Thos. Allnutt
Jas.B. Allnutt
David Allnutt
Sidney Allnutt
Rowland Allnutt
Richard Allnutt
Fredk. Allnutt
A.E. Allnutt
Norman Allnutt
Zachary Allnutt
Matthew Allnutt
Forrest Allnutt
W.R. Allnutt
Jessie Allnutt
Ebenezer Allnutt
Augustin Allnutt
Robt. Allnutt
Hanley Allnutt
Alister Allnutt
Powell Allnutt

Top female forenames

Mary Allnutt
Sarah Allnutt
Elizabeth Allnutt
Alice Allnutt
Jane Allnutt
Emily Allnutt
Ellen Allnutt
Eliza Allnutt
Ann Allnutt
Martha Allnutt
Lucy Allnutt
Emma Allnutt
Ada Allnutt
Annie Allnutt
Agnes Allnutt
Edith Allnutt
Florence Allnutt
Margaret Allnutt
Caroline Allnutt
Minnie Allnutt
Maria Allnutt
Susan Allnutt
Louisa Allnutt
Elisabeth Allnutt
Matilda Allnutt
Harriet Allnutt
Eleanora Allnutt
H. Allnutt
Marian Allnutt
Victoria Allnutt
Constance Allnutt
Eugene Allnutt
Sophia Allnutt
Clara Allnutt
Rosanna Allnutt
Louis Allnutt
Elsie Allnutt
Phoebe Allnutt
Anna Allnutt
Laura Allnutt
Ella Allnutt
Name Allnutt
Amy Allnutt
Julia Allnutt
Agness Allnutt
Eleonora Allnutt
Hannah Allnutt
Eleanor Allnutt
Marion Allnutt
Gertrude Allnutt

Top occupations

Clergymans Daur
Clergymans Son
Asst School Keeper
Servant Domestic
Agric Labourer
Ag Lab
Cook Servant (Domestic)
Cook Dom Servant
Curate Of Woodmancote
Wife Of E.F.Allnutt
Corn & Hay Merchant 4 Men In Employ
Domes Serv
Domestic Servant
Farm Boy
Engine Room Artificer R N
Engine Machinist (E&M)
Eng Room Artificer
Dress Maker
Farm Laborer
Drapers Apprentice
Domestic Servant Page
Farm Lab
Assistant Member Of Royal College Surgeons London
Attendant (Instution Ser)
Bank Cashier
Book Keeper
Boot Riviter
Brewers Clerk
Bricklayers Lab
Clerg To St Saviours Ch
Clergyman Of Church England
Clergymans Wife
Clerk Unemployed
Coachman Domestic Servant
Coachmans Wife
College Serv