Alty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Alty
John Alty
Henry Alty
Robert Alty
James Alty
Richard Alty
William Alty
Joseph Alty
Daniel Alty
Peter Alty
George Alty
Alfred Alty
Edward Alty
Hugh Alty
Charles Alty
Frederick Alty
David Alty
Thos. Alty
Richd. Alty
Herbert Alty
Wm. Alty
Nicholas Alty
Arthur Alty
Joshua Alty
Robt. Alty
Ephraim Alty
Richd.Oaks Alty
Edwd. Alty
Jas. Alty
Edmund Alty
Ormerod Alty
Cornelius Alty
Nathan Alty
Benjamin Alty
Valentine Alty
Lawson Alty
Geo. Alty
Lambert Alty
Samuel Alty
Francis Alty
Edwin Alty
Jno Alty
Jane Alty
Ralph Alty
Edmond Alty
Humphrey Alty
Patrick Alty
Walter Alty
Harold Alty
Mathew Alty

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Alty
Mary Alty
Ellen Alty
Margaret Alty
Ann Alty
Jane Alty
Alice Alty
Sarah Alty
Hannah Alty
Catherine Alty
Anne Alty
Martha Alty
Emma Alty
Annie Alty
Isabella Alty
Eliza Alty
Edith Alty
Janet Alty
Maria Alty
Winifred Alty
Susanna Alty
Elizth. Alty
Agnes Alty
Margery Alty
Ethel Alty
Winefride Alty
Louisa Alty
Betty Alty
Kitty Alty
Betsey Alty
Elizah. Alty
Ruby Alty
Jenny Alty
Bella Alty
Nanny Alty
Elisa Alty
Milvina Alty
Isobel Alty
Angelina Alty
Dora Alty
Henrieks Alty
Clara Alty
Ada Alty
Margret Alty
Cathrine Alty
Fanny Alty
Caroline Alty
Lavina Alty
Betsy Alty
Ruth Alty

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Cotton Weaver
Farm Labourer
Ag Lab
Farmer Son
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Bricklayers Lab
Farmers Wife
No Occupation
Cotton Spinner
Farmer Wife
General Servant
Domestic Servant
Farmer Daur
Income Land Houses
Book Keeper
Donkey Driver
Farmer Daughter Scholar
Cotton Piecer
Coal Miner
Canal Boatman
Cotton Winder
Retired Farmer
Cotton Warper
Ag Lab Wife
Cotton Weaver Half Time
Basket Lid Maker
Winding Master Cotton Mill
Clerk To W India Mercht
Coachman (Dom)
Coal Browman
Coal Dealer
Coal Dealers Wife
Clerk Unemployed
Bricklayers Labr
Basket Maker