Amass in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Alfred Amass
John Amass
Harry Amass
Charles Amass
Samuel Amass
George Amass
Arthur Amass
Emma Amass
William Amass
Thos.Geo. Amass
Edgar Amass
Vincent Amass
Thomas Amass
N. Amass

Top female forenames

Mary Amass
E. Amass
Elizabeth Amass
Ellen Amass
Elisabeth Amass
Beatrice Amass
Alice Amass
Marther Amass
Hannah Amass
Emma Amass
Elisa Amass
Caroline Amass
Augusta Amass
Lizzie Amass
Eveline Amass

Top occupations

((Formerly Dress Maker))
Housekeeper (Dom)
Housemaid Domestic Servt
In Keeper
Inn Keeper
Lodging House Keeper
House Plumber
Gunner R A
Carpenter & Joiner
Cook Domestic Serv
Dealer (Cattle)
Dealer In Cattle
Dock Laborer
Farm Servants (Ind)
Farmer & Builder Employing 8 Men & 1 Boy
Wife Of Gunner R A