Amiss in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Amiss
William Amiss
James Amiss
Arthur Amiss
Walter Amiss
Albert Amiss
Thomas Amiss
Robert Amiss
Henry Amiss
George Amiss
Stephen Amiss
Charles Amiss
Edward Amiss
Daniel Amiss
Abraham Amiss
Ernest Amiss
Richard Amiss
David Amiss
Ephraim Amiss
Jesse Amiss
Bertie Amiss
Horace Amiss
Alfred Amiss
Wm. Amiss
Francis Amiss
Eli Amiss
Benjamin Amiss
Herbert Amiss
Ali Amiss
Harry Amiss
Frederic Amiss
Everard Amiss
Luke Amiss

Top female forenames

Sarah Amiss
Mary Amiss
Elizabeth Amiss
Maria Amiss
Emily Amiss
Ann Amiss
Caroline Amiss
Emma Amiss
Alice Amiss
Eleanor Amiss
Hannah Amiss
Eliza Amiss
Louisa Amiss
Anna Amiss
Matilda Amiss
Martha Amiss
Ellen Amiss
Margaret Amiss
Sylvia Amiss
Harriett Amiss
S. Amiss
Bartholemew Amiss
Rose Amiss
Fanny Amiss
Anne Amiss
Rebecca Amiss
Esther Amiss
Agnes Amiss
Elizth. Amiss
M. Amiss
Edith Amiss
Susan Amiss
Jane Amiss
Christiana Amiss
Harriet Amiss
Blanche Amiss
Rossana Amiss
Florrie Amiss
Annie Amiss
Rosa Amiss
Eva Amiss
Lousia Amiss
Jemima Amiss
Daisy Amiss
Sophia Amiss

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Visitor Laundress
General Servant
General Labourer
Worsted Weaver
Coal Miner
Plumber And Glazier
Printer & Compositor
Pupil Teacher
General Dealer
General Labr
Genl Serv
General Servant (Domestic)
Journeyman Brushmaker
Household & Domestic Duties
Housemaid (DS)
Housemaid (Domestic Serv)
Grocers Assistant
Ha... Making (Serv)
Hair Cutter Dresser
Hair Dresser (19/3)
Dress Maker
Formerly Nurse
Formerly Domestic Serv
Chemists Apprentice
Assistant Teacher (A M)
Boxmaker Foreman 20/3
Boot Rivetter
Boot Fitter
Assistant In Shop
Cotton Weaver
Formerly At Home
Fishermans Wife
Farmers Neice
Farm Labourer
Factory Hand
Engineer (Seaman)
Engine Fitter