Ancell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Ancell
William Ancell
John Ancell
James Ancell
George Ancell
Henry Ancell
Frederick Ancell
Arthur Ancell
Robert Ancell
Joseph Ancell
Harry Ancell
Alfred Ancell
Albert Ancell
Ernest Ancell
Edward Ancell
Charles Ancell
Walter Ancell
Stephen Ancell
Edwin Ancell
Chas.Godfrey Ancell
Morris Ancell
Balty Ancell
Jonathan Ancell
Willm. Ancell
Hayward Ancell
Thos. Ancell
Theodore Ancell
Samuel Ancell
Moses Ancell
Alexander Ancell
Willie Ancell
Fredk. Ancell
Frank Ancell

Top female forenames

Mary Ancell
Sarah Ancell
Elizabeth Ancell
Annie Ancell
Emily Ancell
Alice Ancell
Ellen Ancell
Julia Ancell
Maria Ancell
Eliza Ancell
Catherine Ancell
Amy Ancell
Margaret Ancell
Ada Ancell
Jane Ancell
Clara Ancell
Emma Ancell
Lucy Ancell
Susanna Ancell
Charlotte Ancell
Miriam Ancell
Honor Ancell
May Ancell
Harriet Ancell
Gertrude Ancell
Esther Ancell
M. Ancell
Susannah Ancell
Louisa Ancell
Susan Ancell
Lilly Ancell
Edith Ancell
Nellie Ancell
Ida Ancell
Celeste Ancell
Mildred Ancell
Helen Ancell
Betsy Ancell
Maud Ancell
Hannah Ancell
Ann Ancell
Florence Ancell
Mabel Ancell
Lily Ancell
Sebina Ancell
Dinah Ancell
Rosa Ancell
Isabel Ancell

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Serv Domestic
Stone Mason
Domestic Servant
Carpenter & Joiner
General Lab
Housemaid Dom Serv
Domestic Serv
Domes Ser
Dealer In Old Clothes
Wife Of Stonemason
Genl Serv D
Domestic Servt
House Painter
Hosiery Cutter Merino
Fancy Box Maker
Farm Labourer
Genl Servant
General Labourer
General Servant
Builders Son (No Occ)
Commercial Clerk
Coal Porter
Bookseller & Stationer
Bonnet Box Maker (Wood)
Barman (Inn Serv)
Bakers Laborer
Apprentice To Mason
Apprentice To Dressmaker
Annuitant (Pension)
Booksellers Wife
Brass Founder
Carter Ag Lab
Carpenters Wife R N
Canteen Steward Pensioner Chelsea
Cabinet Maker
Builder Master Employing 3 Men