Ancrum in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Ancrum
James Ancrum
John Ancrum
George Ancrum
Arthur Ancrum
Alfred Ancrum
Fredrick Ancrum
William Ancrum
Charles Ancrum
Albert Ancrum
Edward Ancrum
Wilfred Ancrum
Chas.A. Ancrum
Sydney Ancrum
Montague Ancrum
Adison Ancrum
Harry Ancrum
Frederick Ancrum
Chas.H. Ancrum
Walter Ancrum
Samuel Ancrum
Andrew Ancrum
Percy Ancrum
Herbert Ancrum
Fredk.J. Ancrum

Top female forenames

Mary Ancrum
Kate Ancrum
Catharine Ancrum
Margret Ancrum
Carlis Ancrum
Lavinia Ancrum
Beatrice Ancrum
Julia Ancrum
Ann Ancrum
Irenie Ancrum
Ada Ancrum
Rosetta Ancrum
Gertrude Ancrum
Nellie Ancrum
Emily Ancrum
Mildred Ancrum
Eliza Ancrum
Martha Ancrum
Charlotte Ancrum
Maria Ancrum
Caroline Ancrum
Margaret Ancrum
Blanche Ancrum
Anne Ancrum
Jane Ancrum
Amy Ancrum
Sarah Ancrum
Helen Ancrum
Rose Ancrum
Ethel Ancrum
Minnie Ancrum
Elizabeth Ancrum
Constance Ancrum
Marianne Ancrum

Top occupations

Com Clerk (Floorcloth)
(Scho) Elementary Teacher Ex P T
Packer In Linnen Warehouse
Painter (House)
Photographic Artist
Portrait Painter
Railway Clerk
Solicitors General Clerk
Solicter Genl Clerk
Undergraduate Of Oxford
Wife Of Head Of Family
Monthly Nurse
Labourer In Iron Works
Assistant (Public Baths)
Assistant Bristol Free Libary
Bicycle Maker
Boot & Shoemaker
Boot Machinist
Civil Engineer
Commeral Clk Floor Cloth Works
Drapers Assistant
Engine Man (Rail) (Dri) (Loco)
JP Co Of Gloster Fellow Of Ro Coll Serg London M Of R Coll Phil Not Practicing
Work In Tobacco Factory