Annable in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Annable
William Annable
George Annable
Thomas Annable
Joseph Annable
Samuel Annable
Charles Annable
Robert Annable
Benjamin Annable
Frederick Annable
James Annable
Arthur Annable
Albert Annable
Luke Annable
Frank Annable
Denis Annable
Job Annable
Wm. Annable
Jefford Annable
Amos Annable
Thos. Annable
Isaiah Annable
Herbert Annable
Sam Annable
Percy Annable
Ernest Annable
Wm.J. Annable
Jeremiah Annable
Alfred Annable
Thos Annable
Isaac Annable
Henry Annable
Fredrick Annable
N.K. Annable
Fred Annable
Lawrence Annable
Francis Annable
Jonathan Annable

Top female forenames

Mary Annable
Elizabeth Annable
Sarah Annable
Eliza Annable
Alice Annable
Martha Annable
Hannah Annable
Edith Annable
Ann Annable
Harriet Annable
Emma Annable
Harriett Annable
Phoebe Annable
Maria Annable
Ellen Annable
Ruth Annable
Charlotte Annable
Florence Annable
Jane Annable
Clara Annable
Rose Annable
Caroline Annable
Annie Annable
George Annable
Fanney Annable
Mabel Annable
Ethel Annable
Louis Annable
Susan Annable
Lillian Annable
Jemima Annable
J.A. Annable
Rachel Annable
Bertha Annable
Pamela Annable
Hanah Annable
Margaret Annable
Eva Annable
Lydia Annable
Lizzie Annable
Sophia Annable
Lavina Annable
Editham Annable
Salome Annable

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
Nail Maker
Cotton Hose F W K
Farmer 103 Acres 2 Labourers 1 Boy
Farm Servant Indoor
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Formerley Sempstress
Frame Work Knitter
Farmer Of 172 Acres Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
Framework Knitter
House Painter & C
Horsenail Maker
Horse Driver
Genl Labr
General Labourer
General Laborer
Gen Labourer
Furnace Man (O)
Fruit Dealer
Engineers Printers Wife
Engine Stoker
Engine Model Maker
Carter For Hire
Carpenter (Apprentice)
Cabinet Maker
Wire Drawer
Coal Agent (Dlr)
Engine Artificers Wife R N
E R Art
Dress Maker
Domestic Draper ?
Cord Wainer
Colliery Engine Driver