Annan in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Annan
James Annan
Thomas Annan
David Annan
Robert Annan
Matthew Annan
Wm. Annan
William Annan
Edward Annan
Alexander Annan
George Annan
Frederick Annan
Francis Annan
Thos. Annan
Arthur Annan
Sidney Annan
A.P. Annan
Richard Annan
Henry Annan
Geo. Annan
Frank Annan
Walter Annan
Charles Annan

Top female forenames

Mary Annan
Sarah Annan
Jane Annan
Hannah Annan
Florence Annan
Elizabeth Annan
Ann Annan
Louisa Annan
Janet Annan
Annie Annan
Isabella Annan
Ellen Annan
Maggie Annan
Christina Annan
Grace Annan
Eugenie Annan
Elsie Annan
Margaret Annan
Elizabth. Annan
Eliza Annan
Julia Annan
Dorothy Annan
Abi Annan
Sophia Annan
Emma Annan
Kate Annan
Eleanor Annan
Jessie Annan
Helen Annan

Top occupations

Engine Fitter
Labourer Shipyard
Message Boy
Paint Manuf. Laborer At White Leadworks
Mill Hand
Master Mariner
Manufacturers Clerk
Lady Superintendent Of Nurses (Hosp Ser)
Labourer N E Railway
Pony Driver (Collier)
Soldier Trooper 2nd Life Guards
Shipyard Laborers ((Wife))
Shipyard Laborer
Ship Carpenter
Pattern Maker (E & M)
Sack Maker
Railway Labourer
Rag Sorter
Pork Butcher
Lab For Corporation (Coal)
Lab At Factory
Engine Fitter And Erector
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Commercial Clerk At F Engineer
Commercial Clerk At African M...
Blacksmith At Works
Assitant Ironmonger
Engineer R N (Officer)
Formerly Shoe Binder
Joiner (House & Ship)
Income From Relatives
House Carpenter
Greengrocer(Potato Sorter)
Governess (T)
General Shop Keeper
Gen Serv
Gas Engineer (Fitter)
Furnace Engineer Employ 10 Men (E M)