Annesley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Arthur Annesley
William Annesley
Francis Annesley
Reginald Annesley
George Annesley
John Annesley
Wm.C.B. Annesley
Edward Annesley
Samuel Annesley
Alfred Annesley
Marcus Annesley
James Annesley
Hugh Annesley
Wm.G. Annesley
Edwin Annesley
Wm. Annesley
Campbell Annesley
Sayers Annesley
Algernon Annesley
Robert Annesley
Philip Annesley
J. Annesley
Henry Annesley

Top female forenames

Ellen Annesley
Sophia Annesley
Mary Annesley
Mabel Annesley
Florence Annesley
Maria Annesley
Louisa Annesley
Katherine Annesley
Jane Annesley
Harriet Annesley
Sarah Annesley
Ethel Annesley
Alice Annesley
Elizabeth Annesley
Laura Annesley
Edith Annesley
Isabel Annesley
Beatrice Annesley
Selina Annesley
Artisidova Annesley
Philippa Annesley
Eva Annesley
Anna Annesley
Maude Annesley
Emma Annesley
Agnes Annesley
Elise Annesley
Clementine Annesley
Johanna Annesley
Catharine Annesley
Beryl Annesley
Augusta Annesley
Fanny Annesley
Anne Annesley
Muriel Annesley
Emily Annesley
Kate Annesley
Catherine Annesley
Jessie Annesley
Blanch Annesley
Valentine Annesley

Top occupations

Independent Means
Artificial Flower Maker
Independent (Rent Of Property)
Justice Of The Peace
Justice Of The Peace (Retired Colonel Of Militia Late Of 16th Lanceiers)
Late Captn In The Army
Major Gen Retired List
Medical Student
Rector Of Clifford Chambers
Retired Lieut Colonel
Scholar (Colonels Son)
Senior Clerk War Office
Student Oxford
Superanuated From General Post Office
Vicar Of The Parish
Income Mortgage
Income From House Property
Clergyman Of The Church Of England With Cure Of Souls
Civil Service Writer (C S Off)
Captains Wife
Captains Son
Captain R N Retired
Bankers Clerk
Clerk Coutts Bank
Clerk Union Bnk Lndn
General Broker
Earl (No Occ)
Domestic Servant
Dividends Annuities
Corn Broker