Anness in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Anness
George Anness
William Anness
Richard Anness
James Anness
Thomas Anness
Joseph Anness
Henry Anness
Walter Anness
Samuel Anness
Frank Anness
Frederick Anness
Charles Anness
Philip Anness
Herbert Anness
Earnest Anness
Arthur Anness
Edward Anness
Wm. Anness

Top female forenames

Mary Anness
Ellen Anness
Emma Anness
Hannah Anness
Sarah Anness
Ann Anness
Emily Anness
Elizabeth Anness
Jessie Anness
Selina Anness
Rebecca Anness
Maude Anness
Elizebeth Anness
Martha Anness
Edith Anness
Margaret Anness
Catherine Anness
Lilian Anness
Anne Anness
Jestever Anness
Sophia Anness
Jane Anness
Selena Anness
Fanny Anness
Sara Anness
Nora Anness
Ella Anness
Maria Anness
Charles Anness
Louisa Anness
Beatrice Anness
Kate Anness
Anna Anness
Susannah Anness

Top occupations

Merchants Son
Merchants Daur
Lace Dressers Hand
Worsted Weaver
Laborer Mason
Inn Keeper
Merchants Wife
No Occupation
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Plough Boy
Provision Dealer
Provision Merchant
Retired Farmer
Servant (Dom)
Servant (Domestic)
Head Gardener
Green Grocer
General Laborer
Assistant (Chemist)
Blacksmiths Apprentice
Boy 2 Cl
Brickmaker Unemployed
Clerk (Corn & Flour)
Coal Dealer
Drapers Assistant
Errand Boy
Farm Baliff
Farmer (Of 720 Acres Employing 28 Men And 13 Boys)
Farmer 118 Acres Employ 4 Man 1 Boy
Farmer Of 100 Acres Employing 8 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer Wife
Farmers Wife
Farming Man Ag Lab
Fomerly Ag Lab
Ag Lab