Antill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Antill
John Antill
Thomas Antill
Charles Antill
Samuel Antill
George Antill
Henry Antill
Benjamin Antill
Frederick Antill
Walter Antill
Edwin Antill
Joseph Antill
Arthur Antill
Albert Antill
Frank Antill
Ernest Antill
Alfred Antill
Herbert Antill
Harry Antill
Ralph Antill
James Antill
Enoch Antill
Adonijah Antill
Francis Antill
Jacob Antill
Sydney Antill
Edward Antill
Philip Antill
Nathaniel Antill
Wm.Walter Antill
Willm. Antill
Jabez Antill
Horace Antill
Daniel Antill
Rowland Antill
Harrington Antill
Phillip Antill
Geo.P. Antill
Archibald Antill
Percy Antill
Geo Antill
Frederic Antill
Wm. Antill
Job Antill
Enos Antill
W. Antill
Isaac Antill
Eli Antill
Saml. Antill
Geo. Antill

Top female forenames

Mary Antill
Eliza Antill
Sarah Antill
Emma Antill
Elizabeth Antill
Jane Antill
Maria Antill
Emily Antill
Fanny Antill
Charlotte Antill
Ellen Antill
Alice Antill
Florence Antill
Frances Antill
Matilda Antill
Martha Antill
Ann Antill
Hannah Antill
Agnes Antill
Maud Antill
Annie Antill
Elizth. Antill
Harriet Antill
Edith Antill
M. Antill
Selina Antill
Eva Antill
Laura Antill
Eleanor Antill
E.M. Antill
Lucy Antill
Sophia Antill
Constance Antill
Louise Antill
Lilly Antill
Ethelwyn Antill
Rebecca Antill
Caroline Antill
Kate Antill
Emmaline Antill
Nellie Antill
Beatrice Antill
Henrietta Antill
Anna Antill
Amy Antill
Hanah Antill
Albert Antill
Susanah Antill
Dora Antill
Lousia Antill

Top occupations

Wine Merchant
Drapers Assistant
Woollen Cloth Weaver
Stone Mason
Stitcher Of Merino Hosiery
Picture Frame Maker
Business Assistant
F W Knitter
No Occupation
Elastic Weaver
Frame W Knitter
Iron Caster
General Labourer
F W K Hosiery (Cotton)
F W K Hosiery Cotton
Errand Boy
Worsted Weaver
Domestic Servant
Envelope Maker
Engine Cleaner (Orc)
Dry Salter (Hawker)
Cabinet Maker Employ 20 Men 3 Boys
Assist Provision Trader
Attendant On Invalids (Dom)
Bookbinders Wife
Brass Finisher
Brewers Clerk
Brick Maker
Carpenter Unemployed
Carpet Salesman
Cheesemongers Assistant
China Dealer
Civil Eng
Clerk to Butcher
Clicker (Boot)
Clock Cleaner
Cocoa Wks