Antrobus in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Antrobus
William Antrobus
James Antrobus
Thomas Antrobus
Samuel Antrobus
Henry Antrobus
Edward Antrobus
Alfred Antrobus
Charles Antrobus
Robert Antrobus
George Antrobus
Wm. Antrobus
Philip Antrobus
Edwin Antrobus
Edmund Antrobus
Richard Antrobus
Joseph Antrobus
Arthur Antrobus
Isaac Antrobus
Walter Antrobus
Peter Antrobus
Harry Antrobus
Herbert Antrobus
Frederick Antrobus
Albert Antrobus
Phillip Antrobus
Andrew Antrobus
Job Antrobus
Frank Antrobus
Ernest Antrobus
Ralph Antrobus
Mark Antrobus
Reginald Antrobus
Hugh Antrobus
Christopher Antrobus
Cecil Antrobus
Thos. Antrobus
C. Antrobus
M.A. Antrobus
Gordon Antrobus
Stephen Antrobus
Aurthur Antrobus
Fredk. Antrobus
Saml. Antrobus
Roland Antrobus
Alexander Antrobus
Jas. Antrobus
Zachariah Antrobus
J. Antrobus
Wm.Hy. Antrobus

Top female forenames

Mary Antrobus
Elizabeth Antrobus
Sarah Antrobus
Ann Antrobus
Hannah Antrobus
Jane Antrobus
Margaret Antrobus
Annie Antrobus
Eliza Antrobus
Alice Antrobus
Emma Antrobus
Emily Antrobus
Ellen Antrobus
Anne Antrobus
Martha Antrobus
Catherine Antrobus
Gertrude Antrobus
Isabella Antrobus
Maria Antrobus
Harriet Antrobus
Eleanor Antrobus
Ada Antrobus
Fanny Antrobus
Rachel Antrobus
Florence Antrobus
Jessie Antrobus
Selina Antrobus
Henrietta Antrobus
Esther Antrobus
Maggie Antrobus
Helena Antrobus
Lucy Antrobus
Frances Antrobus
Florance Antrobus
Clara Antrobus
Ethel Antrobus
Sarahann Antrobus
Cecilia Antrobus
Henietta Antrobus
M. Antrobus
Ruth Antrobus
Catharine Antrobus
Helen Antrobus
Louise Antrobus
Betsy Antrobus
Lillie Antrobus
Beatrice Antrobus
Maude Antrobus
Edwartine Antrobus
Julia Antrobus

Top occupations

Ag Lab
No Occupation
General Labourer
General Laborer
Domestic Servant
Railway Porter
Lab Wife
Income From Dividends
House Keeper
Boiler Maker
Coal Miner
Farm Labourer
General Servant
House Servant
Interest Of Money
Farm Laborer
Commercial Traveller (Provisions)
Wife Of Tailor
Clerk In Office Crown Agents For Colonies
Commercial Traveller Wesleyan Local Preacher
Clerk Parrs Bank
Cloth Finisher In Bleach Works
Clerk In Colonial Off. & Assist. Pri. Secr. To Secr. Of State B. A. Oxon
Agri Lab
Apprentice (Undef)
Apprentice Tin Smith
Artist Flour Painter
Book Keeper
Brass Tap Maker
Agric Labourer
Bricklayer Laborer
Butter Etc Dealer
Cabinet Maker
Calico Block Printer