Arber in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Arber
George Arber
Robert Arber
John Arber
Henry Arber
Alfred Arber
Thomas Arber
Edward Arber
Stephen Arber
Charles Arber
Herbert Arber
Benjamin Arber
Walter Arber
Samuel Arber
Arthur Arber
Wm. Arber
Philip Arber
Chas. Arber
James Arber
Mark Arber
Ambrose Arber
Harry Arber
Albert Arber
Fridolin Arber
Sidney Arber
Frank Arber
Eduard Arber
Matthew Arber
Lewis Arber
Archibald Arber
Wltr.A. Arber
Aaron Arber
Fredk.J. Arber
Ezra Arber
Richard Arber
Edw Arber
Peter Arber
David Arber

Top female forenames

Mary Arber
Sarah Arber
Elizabeth Arber
Jane Arber
Ann Arber
Emma Arber
Alice Arber
Annie Arber
Ellen Arber
Harriet Arber
Emily Arber
Margaret Arber
Anne Arber
Susan Arber
Fanny Arber
Charlotte Arber
Maud Arber
Edith Arber
Laura Arber
Nelly Arber
Ada Arber
Susanna Arber
Eliza Arber
Eleanor Arber
Rose Arber
Florence Arber
Rebecca Arber
Beatrice Arber
Lilian Arber
Fannie Arber
Patient Arber
Julia Arber
Esther Arber
Isabella Arber
Martha Arber
Heneritta Arber
Elizbth.E. Arber
Marian Arber
Harriett Arber
Susannah Arber
Margt. Arber
Har.G. Arber
Eliz. Arber
Mabel Arber
Gertrude Arber
Louisa Arber
Frances Arber
Rosa Arber
Catherine Arber
Lillian Arber

Top occupations

Farm Laborer
Ag Lab
No Occupation
Gen Serv (Dom)
Agr Labour
Plumber & Glazier
Farmer's Son
Omnibus Driver
Miller (Corn)
General Servant Domestic
Agr Labour Wife
Governess (Teacher)
Governess (Schoolmistress)
Formerly Laundress
G Grocers Errand Boy
Gen Labourer
Governess (Sch.)
General Dealer
Genl Laborer
General Domestic Servant
General Servant
General Laborer
Domestic Servant
Farm Bailiff For 140 Acres Employing 4 Men & 3 Boys
Ag Lab & Farm 13 Acres
Ag Labs Widow
Bag Maker (Sack)
Boiler Smiths Labourer
Boot Machinist
Boot Maker
Wife Of Pensioner R N(avy)
Coachman To Livery Stables
College Helper
Cook (Dom)
Cook Domes Serv
Agr Lab
Eng Marine (No Occ)
Engine Driver (Ry)