Arberry in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Arberry
Henry Arberry
James Arberry
Sydney Arberry
John Arberry
William Arberry
Richard Arberry
Joseph Arberry
Eli Arberry
Robert Arberry
Mark Arberry
Frederick Arberry
Silas Arberry

Top female forenames

Mary Arberry
Elizabeth Arberry
Charlotte Arberry
Jane Arberry
Ellen Arberry
Eliza Arberry
Alice Arberry
Angelina Arberry
Ada Arberry
Rebecca Arberry
Georgina Arberry
Ann Arberry
Harriet Arberry
Esther Arberry

Top occupations

Felt Hatter
Agent For Prodential
House Keeper
Lath Render
Messenger H M Dockyard (C S M)
Parlormaid (Serv Dom)
Parlour Maid Servant
Railway Agent (Carman)
General Servt
General Servant
General Laborer
Apprentice (Inn Serv)
B Smith
B Smith Wife
Blacksmiths Apprentice
Brass Polisher
Widow Of Wm A Tailor