Aris in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Aris
John Aris
George Aris
Thomas Aris
Charles Aris
Henry Aris
James Aris
Alfred Aris
Edward Aris
Joseph Aris
Benjamin Aris
Albert Aris
Frederick Aris
Daniel Aris
Arthur Aris
Robert Aris
Geo. Aris
Philip Aris
Wm. Aris
Robt. Aris
Mark Aris
Uriah Aris
Samuel Aris
Harry Aris
Percy Aris
Josiah Aris
Joshua Aris
Elizabeth Aris
Herbert Aris
Benjn. Aris
Alexander Aris
Fredric Aris
Frederic Aris
Evelyn Aris
Edwin Aris
Walter Aris
Jno. Aris
David Aris
Thos. Aris
Hugh Aris
Sidney Aris
Richard Aris
G.E.H. Aris
Peter Aris
Frank Aris
Wm.A. Aris

Top female forenames

Mary Aris
Elizabeth Aris
Sarah Aris
Jane Aris
Emma Aris
Ann Aris
Emily Aris
Eliza Aris
Charlotte Aris
Harriet Aris
Alice Aris
Annie Aris
Minnie Aris
Maria Aris
Catherine Aris
Martha Aris
Harriett Aris
Louisa Aris
Kate Aris
Ellen Aris
Margaret Aris
Rose Aris
Edith Aris
Agness Aris
Hannah Aris
Lydia Aris
Susan Aris
Caroline Aris
Phoebe Aris
Jessie Aris
Naomi Aris
Helen Aris
Francis Aris
Susannah Aris
Lucy Aris
Florence Aris
Fanny Aris
Carline Aris
Kitty Aris
Patience Aris
Avice Aris
Julia Aris
Ellinor Aris
Nelie Aris
Hellen Aris
Amelia Aris
Tabittia Aris
Frances Aris
Cecilia Aris
Flora Aris

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Millhand (Stuff)
Farmers Wife
No Occupation
Servant Domestic
Income From Land
Domestic Servant
General Serv
General Servant (Domestic)
Jewel Case Maker
Receives Parish Relief
French Polisher
General Labourer
Fruiterer Assistant
Hair Dresser
General Servant
Farm Laborer
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Labourer
E. R. A.
Engine Room Artificer R N
Farmer Of 267 Acres Employing 6 Men 2 Boys
Civil Engineer
Barman Domestic Serv
Brass Foundry Commercial Traveller
Brass Foundry Commercial Traveller Wife
Cashier & Accountant In A Firm Of Hemp & Jute Merchts & Manufacturers
Chemist & Druggist
Chrome Lithographer
Assistant Mistress
Clerk In Grocery Business
Clerk In Tea Trade
Clerk To Publisher
Coachman (N D)
Coachman Domestic Servt