Arliss in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Arliss
George Arliss
Charles Arliss
William Arliss
Richard Arliss
Albert Arliss
Frank Arliss
Thomas Arliss
Frederick Arliss
Edward Arliss
Edwin Arliss
Christopher Arliss
Harold Arliss
West Arliss
Walter Arliss
Ernest Arliss
Simern Arliss
Chas.H. Arliss
Matthew Arliss
Harry Arliss
H. Arliss
Fredk. Arliss
Ward Arliss
Sidney Arliss
Peter Arliss
Joshua Arliss
Abednego Arliss
J. Arliss

Top female forenames

Mary Arliss
Ann Arliss
Elizabeth Arliss
Edith Arliss
Annie Arliss
Sarah Arliss
Emily Arliss
Helen Arliss
Ellen Arliss
Sophia Arliss
Florence Arliss
Adelaide Arliss
Minnie Arliss
Louisa Arliss
Julia Arliss
Cordelia Arliss
Jemima Arliss
Charlotte Arliss
Ivy Arliss
Catherine Arliss
Frances Arliss
Alice Arliss
Ethell Arliss
Nellie Arliss
Eliza Arliss
Kate Arliss
E. Arliss
Jessie Arliss
Clara Arliss
Jane Arliss
Charlott Arliss
Henrietta Arliss
Bertha Arliss
Hannah Arliss
Rose Arliss

Top occupations

Printer Compositor
Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Pressman Printer
Pot & Tile Maker
Licensed Victualler
Licd. Victualler
Ladies Nurse (Unemployed)
Lab Foundry (Iron)
Horse Breaker
Wire Works Labr
Printers Apprentice
Wire Drawers Apprentice
Wire Drawer
Stone Mason
Stocking Knitter By Machine
Steel Manager And Traveller Out Of Employment
Sexton &c
Retired Publican
Groom Domestic
Cheesemonger (Retired)
Brick Manufacturer
Brick Maker
Brick And Tile Maker
Book Binder
Chief Clerk (CPD Gas Coy)
City Missionary
Clerk In Gas Works
Genl Serv Domestic
General Servant Domestic
General Labourer
Fisherman (Unemployed)
Cotton Winder
Cook Domestic Servant
Cocoa Maker