Armin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Armin
John Armin
Thomas Armin
William Armin
Wm. Armin
Robert Armin
James Armin
Frank Armin
Edward Armin
Tom Armin
Lot Armin
Fred. Armin
Francis Armin
Luke Armin

Top female forenames

Mary Armin
Elizabeth Armin
Jane Armin
Annie Armin
Sarah Armin
Ellen Armin
Christiana Armin
Alice Armin
Margaret Armin
Helen Armin
Esther Armin
Clara Armin
Beatrice Armin
Anne Armin
Florence Armin
Dorah Armin

Top occupations

Wife Of The Above
Iron Worker
Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Stokers Wife S S
Canal Boatman (Barge Etc)
Sewing Machine Hand
Rivitter (Ship)
Railway Plait Layer
Pudler Iron Works
Professional Singer
Practising Dentist
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Labour Iron Works
Farmer Occp 100 Acres
Gen Labourer
Formerly Ag Lab