Armitstead in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Armitstead
William Armitstead
Thomas Armitstead
Robert Armitstead
James Armitstead
Arthur Armitstead
Henry Armitstead
Anthony Armitstead
George Armitstead
Edward Armitstead
Charles Armitstead
Reginald Armitstead
Lawrence Armitstead
Albert Armitstead
Geoffrey Armitstead
Francis Armitstead
Septimas Armitstead
Eavan Armitstead
Richard Armitstead
Cecil Armitstead
Michael Armitstead
Josephus Armitstead
Jeremiah Armitstead
Herbert Armitstead
Walter Armitstead
Fred Armitstead
Sydney Armitstead

Top female forenames

Mary Armitstead
Elizabeth Armitstead
Ann Armitstead
Jane Armitstead
Margaret Armitstead
Annie Armitstead
Agnes Armitstead
Nancy Armitstead
Hannah Armitstead
Sarah Armitstead
Eleanor Armitstead
Janetta Armitstead
Isabella Armitstead
Alice Armitstead
(Mrs.) Armitstead
Frances Armitstead
Ethel Armitstead
Deborah Armitstead
Barbara Armitstead
Lousa Armitstead
Anne Armitstead
Amy Armitstead
Harriet Armitstead
Grace Armitstead
Fanny Armitstead
Ellen Armitstead
Charlotte Armitstead

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Farmer Daur
Farmer Wife
F Lab (Ag)
Cordwainer (Boot)
Worsted Rover Unemployed
Clergymans Wife
Nursemaid Domestic
Vicar Of Parish
Formerly Clergymans Wife
Vicar Of St Johns Sandbach Heath
Farmer 63 Acres Employing 1 Lab
Farmers Apprentice
Gamekeepers Wife
Vicar Of Goostry
General Servant
Inmate Of Reformatory
Servant (Dom)
Joint Farmer
Mechanical Engineer (E&M)
Iron Moulder
Farmer Of 600 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Dress Maker
Domestic Serv Out Of Employ
Cordwainer And Oculist (Boot)
Colliery Clerk
Clerk In Holy Orders Without Cure Of Souls
Circular Sawyer At Colliery
Barrister At Law In Actual Practise MA Oxford
Worsted Weaver
Farmer (Of 143 Acres)
Farmer (Of 166 Acres)
Farmer Of 5 1/2 Acres
Farmer Of 228 Acres 2 Men
Farmer Of 160 Acres
Farmer Of 140 Acres
Farmer Of 130 Acres
Farmer Farming 65 Acres Employing 1 Boy
Farmer 63 Acres Employing 1 Lab Wife
Farmer 200? Acres
Farmer (Of 55 Acres)