Arnall in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Arnall
John Arnall
Thomas Arnall
George Arnall
Henry Arnall
Joseph Arnall
Francis Arnall
Alfred Arnall
Edward Arnall
Herbert Arnall
James Arnall
Frederick Arnall
Ernest Arnall
Benjamin Arnall
Albert Arnall
Samuel Arnall
Richard Arnall
Horatio Arnall
Stephen Arnall
Jno. Arnall
Wm.B. Arnall
Jas.Thos.T. Arnall
Walter Arnall
Jabez Arnall
Thos. Arnall
Sydney Arnall
Harry Arnall
Geo.Oliver Arnall
Frederic Arnall
Mark Arnall
Edwin Arnall
Jesse Arnall
Charles Arnall
W.G. Arnall
Aaron Arnall
Robert Arnall
Percy Arnall
Fred.B. Arnall

Top female forenames

Mary Arnall
Sarah Arnall
Elizabeth Arnall
Annie Arnall
Emma Arnall
Louisa Arnall
Grace Arnall
Edith Arnall
Anne Arnall
Ellen Arnall
Kate Arnall
Jane Arnall
Emily Arnall
Eliza Arnall
Lilian Arnall
Charlotte Arnall
Harriet Arnall
Betsy Arnall
Fanny Arnall
Mabel Arnall
Margaret Arnall
Evelyn Arnall
Lucy Arnall
Susan Arnall
Louie Arnall
Selena Arnall
Amy Arnall
Rose Arnall
Alice Arnall
Eleanor Arnall
Nanny Arnall
Maud Arnall
Caroline Arnall
Martha Arnall
Maria Arnall
Athel Arnall
Ethel Arnall
Susannah Arnall
Annette Arnall
Sleana Arnall
Ann Arnall
Lizzie Arnall
Elizth. Arnall
Amelia Arnall
Lavinia Arnall
Prudence Arnall
Alada Arnall
Johanna Arnall
May Arnall
Isabelle Arnall

Top occupations

Retired Farmer
Gardener Daur
Brush Maker (Drawer)
Farmer Employing 4 Labs & 2 Boys
Farmers Wife
Domestic Servant
Cab Driver
Farmers Son
Farmer 73 Acres Employs 4 Men 2 Boys
Farmers Daur
Farmer Of 180 Acres Employing 2 Labourers
Farmers Daughter
Gardener (Mt)
House Serv (Dom)
Hostler & Brewer
Haulier (Carter)
Hatters & Umbrella Manufacturers Employ 2 Men 2 Women
Groom & Gardener
General Servant
Gardener Wife
Gardener (N D)
Commercial Clerk
Coal Miner Incapable Of Work
Bar Maid
Baker Unimployed
Auditors Wife
Auditor G N Rail
At Home
Agricultural Labourer
Wife of Retired Farmer
Book Sewer
Boot Maker
Coal Miner
Coachman (4)
Carpenter (At Present An Invalid)
Carpenter & Joiner
Butcher Master
Builders Foreman