Arrand in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Arrand
William Arrand
Thomas Arrand
James Arrand
John Arrand
Robert Arrand
Arthur Arrand
Walter Arrand
Samuel Arrand
Henry Arrand
Alfred Arrand
Tom Arrand
Richard Arrand
Charles Arrand
Fredrick Arrand
Fred Arrand
Moses Arrand
Eli Arrand
Daniel Arrand
Burton Arrand
Harry Arrand
Sizer Arrand
Freeman Arrand
Frederick Arrand
Ernest Arrand
Parnell Arrand
Elmer Arrand
Edward Arrand
Herbert Arrand
Wm. Arrand
Harvey Arrand
Gillott Arrand
Albert Arrand
Geo.Wm. Arrand
Richmond Arrand
Peter Arrand
Emanuel Arrand

Top female forenames

Mary Arrand
Ann Arrand
Sarah Arrand
Elizabeth Arrand
Kate Arrand
Hannah Arrand
Annie Arrand
Fanny Arrand
Harriet Arrand
Martha Arrand
Charlotte Arrand
Mariah Arrand
Bessie Arrand
Lizzie Arrand
Jane Arrand
Hetty Arrand
Agnes Arrand
Hanh. Arrand
Susan Arrand
Minnie Arrand
Lucy Arrand
Beatrice Arrand
Anne Arrand
Hilda Arrand
Alice Arrand
Henrietta Arrand
Ada Arrand
Florence Arrand
Emily Arrand
Clara Arrand

Top occupations

Mill Hand
Ag Lab
Farm Serv
General Lab
Farm Serv (Indoors)
Outdoor Labourer
Coal Miner
Farmers Wife
Farmers Widow Annuitant
Farmer Of 7 Acres
Farmer Of 15 Acres
Farmer Of 13 Acres
Farmer 5 Acres
Farm Serv Indoors
Flax Dresser
Formerly Ag Lab Now Unemployed (Pauper)
Ironworks Labourer
Ironfounder Fitter
Genl Servt Domesc
General Servant Domestic
General Servant (Indoor)
Labourer At Iron Wks
Gen Lab
General Lab Wife
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Of 109 Acres Wife
Cook Domestic
Butcher Master
Brick Layer
Blacksmith Journeyman
Telegraph Boy (C S M) (C S)
Black Smith
Areated Water Worker
Cow Keeper Beer Seller
Domestic (Dom)
Farm Of 109 Acres
Farm Labourer
Farm Lab
Farm Bailiff Wife
Farm Bailiff
Engine Cleaner (On Rly)
Domestic Servant Housekeeper
Domestic Serv