Arter in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Arter
John Arter
Thomas Arter
James Arter
George Arter
Henry Arter
Alfred Arter
Edward Arter
Charles Arter
Arthur Arter
Frederick Arter
Albert Arter
Robert Arter
Horace Arter
Herbert Arter
Walter Arter
Richard Arter
Frank Arter
Julius Arter
Evan Arter
Benjamin Arter
Edwin Arter
Daniel Arter
C.K. Arter
Sidney Arter
Augustus Arter
Andrew Arter
Owen Arter
Noah Arter
Charlie Arter
Troward Arter
Ivo Arter
Cecil Arter
Stephen Arter
Hermann Arter
Percy Arter
Fredk.Vernon Arter
Omer Arter
Fred Arter
Milward Arter
Francis Arter
Joseph Arter
Jessy Arter
Wallace Arter
J.W. Arter

Top female forenames

Mary Arter
Sarah Arter
Emily Arter
Ann Arter
Alice Arter
Elizabeth Arter
Jane Arter
Caroline Arter
Hannah Arter
Louisa Arter
Lydia Arter
Ada Arter
Edith Arter
Maria Arter
Anne Arter
Agnes Arter
Eliza Arter
Isabel Arter
Margaret Arter
Sophia Arter
Annie Arter
Emma Arter
Ellen Arter
Catherine Arter
Florence Arter
Julia Arter
Clara Arter
Lucy Arter
Fanny Arter
Racheal Arter
Nora Arter
Juliet Arter
May Arter
Joseppa Arter
Isabelle Arter
Margaretta Arter
Harriett Arter
Susannah Arter
Blanche Arter
M.K.E. Arter
Georgina Arter
Arabella Arter
Rachel Arter
Lousia Arter
Esther Arter
Prisilla Arter
Amy Arter
Kate Arter
Mildred Arter
Elizh. Arter

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Dealer
Mariners Wife
Lodging House Keeper
Farm Labourer
Farm Laborer
Domestic Servant
Gen Servant
General Servant
Agricultural Labourer
Glass Grinder
Gardener (M)
Formerly Shepherd
Engin Turner
Engine Driver Stationery
Errand Boy
Farm Lab
Formerly Laundress
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 112 Acres Employing 5 Laborers 2 Boys
Farmer (300 Acres) & Victualler Employing 6 Men & 3 Boys Kent
Farm Labrs Wife
Carters Boy (Al)
Ag Labourer
Agent Chemical Manure Company
Agril Laborer
Annatto Manufacturer (D P)
Apprentice Millinery
Builders Laborer
Zink Worker
Clerk To Above
Coachman (Dom)
Coachman Domestic Servt
Comm Agent
Cook Domestic Serv
Dairy Servant
Distillers Servant
Dom Servant Ladys Maid