Arthurs in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Arthurs
William Arthurs
George Arthurs
Thomas Arthurs
James Arthurs
Joseph Arthurs
Albert Arthurs
Henry Arthurs
Edward Arthurs
Abraham Arthurs
Frederick Arthurs
Samuel Arthurs
Frank Arthurs
Alfred Arthurs
Walter Arthurs
Richard Arthurs
Arthur Arthurs
Robert Arthurs
Ernest Arthurs
Fredrick Arthurs
Benjamin Arthurs
Stephen Arthurs
Sidney Arthurs
Hugh Arthurs
Herbert Arthurs
Harry Arthurs
David Arthurs
Isaac Arthurs
Tom Arthurs
Charles Arthurs
Israel Arthurs
Winefred Arthurs
Reubin Arthurs
Elx. Arthurs
Willie Arthurs
Reginald Arthurs
Edwin Arthurs
Percy Arthurs
Edmund Arthurs
Thos. Arthurs
Lydia Arthurs
Theodore Arthurs
Lewin Arthurs
Daniel Arthurs
Silas Arthurs
Joshua Arthurs
Seymour Arthurs
Fred Arthurs
Jonathan Arthurs
Andrew Arthurs

Top female forenames

Mary Arthurs
Elizabeth Arthurs
Ann Arthurs
Sarah Arthurs
Jane Arthurs
Alice Arthurs
Emma Arthurs
Ellen Arthurs
Harriet Arthurs
Annie Arthurs
Martha Arthurs
Emily Arthurs
Florence Arthurs
Fanny Arthurs
Hannah Arthurs
Louisa Arthurs
Edith Arthurs
Florance Arthurs
Charlotte Arthurs
Margaret Arthurs
Grace Arthurs
Lily Arthurs
Rosa Arthurs
Lillian Arthurs
Ada Arthurs
Kate Arthurs
Clara Arthurs
Susan Arthurs
Mabel Arthurs
Harriett Arthurs
Lucy Arthurs
Eliza Arthurs
Rebecca Arthurs
Julia Arthurs
Jeannette Arthurs
Anne Arthurs
Roseina Arthurs
Elen Arthurs
Frances Arthurs
Dolly Arthurs
Phoebe Arthurs
Thurza Arthurs
Corrisande Arthurs
Naomi Arthurs
Jenefar Arthurs
Susannah Arthurs
Esther Arthurs
Janthe Arthurs
Catherine Arthurs
Margret Arthurs

Top occupations

Hurdle Maker
Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Farm Labourer
Glass Blower
Stone Mason
Servant Domestic
Cotton Throstle Spinner
Platelayers Wife
Coal Miner
Coke Drawer
General Servant
Iron Nail Caster
Blacksmiths Wife
Farm Laborer
Agricultural Labourer
Gardener (Dom)
Platelayer G W R
Gen Serv Unemployed
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant General
Domestic Servant (Ag)
Domestic (Sert)
Domestic Ser
Chair Caner
Assistant Draper
Blast Furnace Filler
Bricklayer Unemployed
Carpenter & Local Baptist Preacher
Carpenters Wife
Carter (Millers)
Certificated Nurse
Banksman At Colliery
Clerk To Warehouse Keeper
Coach Builder Master Employs 3 Men