Arthurton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Arthurton
John Arthurton
William Arthurton
James Arthurton
Arthur Arthurton
Henry Arthurton
Isaac Arthurton
George Arthurton
Thomas Arthurton
Edward Arthurton
Joseph Arthurton
H. Arthurton
Willm. Arthurton
Fred Arthurton
Robt.J. Arthurton
Ernest Arthurton
Peter Arthurton
Charles Arthurton
Jonas Arthurton
Alfred Arthurton
Herbert Arthurton
Harry Arthurton
Wm.Ernest Arthurton
Gorge Arthurton
Willie Arthurton
Fredrick Arthurton
Francis Arthurton

Top female forenames

Emily Arthurton
Sarah Arthurton
Ellen Arthurton
Emma Arthurton
Eliza Arthurton
Elizabeth Arthurton
Jane Arthurton
Mary Arthurton
Edith Arthurton
Maria Arthurton
Alice Arthurton
Honor Arthurton
Hannah Arthurton
May Arthurton
Martha Arthurton
Charlotte Arthurton
Margaret Arthurton
Harriet Arthurton
William Arthurton
Gertrude Arthurton
Susanna Arthurton
Evelyn Arthurton
Rebecca Arthurton
Pamelia Arthurton
Laura Arthurton
Susannah Arthurton
Fanny Arthurton
Pheobe Arthurton

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Harness Maker
Grocer & Draper
General Servant Domestic
General Serv (Domestic)
Formerly Shoe Binder
Formerly Machine Man
Formerly Housekeeper
Horse Feeder (8) (K/N)
Infants Serv Reward Makes
Laborer Bricklayer
Manager At Branch Shop
Life Assurance Superintendent
Licensed Victualler Wife
Licensed Victualler
Labrs Daug
Labourers Wife
Labourer Out Of Employ (Pensioner)
Labourer General
Fitter To The Shoe Trade
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 7 Acres
Clerk Tea Merchants
Carrier (Common)
C Miller Flour Mills
Butchers Apprentice
Boot Rivetter
Blacksmith & Licensed Victualler
Apprentice Butcher
Wardrobe Buyer
Coal Miner
Cook & Maid (Dairy)
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer & Engine Fitter Of 13 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farm Steward On 55 Acres Land Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy
Farm Bailiff
Factory Hand (Silk)
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant Nursemaid
Domestic Serv
Dairy Woman Ag Lab