Ashburner in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Ashburner
William Ashburner
Thomas Ashburner
George Ashburner
James Ashburner
Robert Ashburner
Richard Ashburner
Wm. Ashburner
Joseph Ashburner
Matthew Ashburner
Edward Ashburner
Samuel Ashburner
Christopher Ashburner
Thos. Ashburner
Henry Ashburner
Willm. Ashburner
Martin Ashburner
Aaron Ashburner
Geo. Ashburner
Walter Ashburner
Levi Ashburner
Stephen Ashburner
Daniel Ashburner
Banks Ashburner
I. Ashburner
Aron Ashburner
Ralph Ashburner
Wm.Edwd. Ashburner
Miles Ashburner
Albert Ashburner
Hadwins Ashburner
Lawrence Ashburner
Frederick Ashburner
Tom Ashburner
Francis Ashburner
Jonathon Ashburner
Edgar Ashburner
Samul. Ashburner
Jas. Ashburner
Isaac Ashburner
Arthur Ashburner
Revd. Ashburner
Hubert Ashburner
Myles Ashburner
Alfread Ashburner
Harry Ashburner
Abel Ashburner
G. Ashburner
Townson Ashburner
Lancelot Ashburner

Top female forenames

Mary Ashburner
Elizabeth Ashburner
Margaret Ashburner
Jane Ashburner
Sarah Ashburner
Agnes Ashburner
Annie Ashburner
Ann Ashburner
Hannah Ashburner
Eleanor Ashburner
Lucy Ashburner
Isabella Ashburner
Edith Ashburner
Margt. Ashburner
Alice Ashburner
Fanny Ashburner
Harriet Ashburner
Martha Ashburner
Catherine Ashburner
Florence Ashburner
Ethel Ashburner
Ruth Ashburner
Anne Ashburner
Eliz. Ashburner
Frances Ashburner
Lizzie Ashburner
Ellen Ashburner
Isabel Ashburner
Anna Ashburner
Betty Ashburner
Maggie Ashburner
Susan Ashburner
Bertha Ashburner
Emily Ashburner
Barbra Ashburner
Lillie Ashburner
Elizth. Ashburner
Rah Ashburner
Nancy Ashburner
Henrietta Ashburner
Elen Ashburner
Marianne Ashburner
Gertrude Ashburner
Charlotte Ashburner
Bridget Ashburner
Susannah Ashburner
Bessie Ashburner
Mable Ashburner
Emma Ashburner
Beatrice Ashburner

Top occupations

Iron Miner
Farm Servant
Cotton Weaver
Farmer Of 150 Acres
Iron Ore Miner
Wood Cutter
Domestic Servant
Farm Lab
Engine Fitter
Cotton Piecer
Student (Scholar)
Ship Builder
Retired Farmer
Farmers (Son)
General Servant Domestic
Railway Porter
Wine Merchant
No Occupation
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Labourer
Farmer Of 132 Acres Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer 400 Acres (Own Land)
Farm Serv (Domestic)
Errand Boy
Farm Servant Indoor
Farmer 330 Acres
Deriving Income From Land
Articled Clerk To A Solicitor
Bobbin Turner
Bookkeeper M...
Brush Maker
Commercial Traveller (Furniture)
Cook (Dom)
Asist Housekeeper
Cotton Yarn Merchant
Dairy Made
Daughter Of H.J.Ashburner Surgeon