Ashe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Ashe
John Ashe
James Ashe
George Ashe
Arthur Ashe
Francis Ashe
Edward Ashe
Thomas Ashe
Robert Ashe
Richard Ashe
Albert Ashe
Frank Ashe
Joseph Ashe
Walter Ashe
Frederick Ashe
Samuel Ashe
Fredk. Ashe
Jeremiah Ashe
Edwin Ashe
Isaac Ashe
Henry Ashe
Matthew Ashe
F. Ashe
Wm. Ashe
Ernest Ashe
Thos. Ashe
Ed. Ashe
St Ashe
Hubert Ashe
Daniel Ashe
S. Ashe
Herbert Ashe
Chas.S. Ashe
Patrick Ashe
Maurice Ashe
Lovat Ashe
Evelyn Ashe
Elijah Ashe
Verinder Ashe
Hy. Ashe
Ebby Ashe
Howard Ashe
Cornelius Ashe
Charles Ashe
Percy Ashe
Morris Ashe

Top female forenames

Mary Ashe
Elizabeth Ashe
Sarah Ashe
Emily Ashe
Ellen Ashe
Eliza Ashe
Catherine Ashe
Jane Ashe
Margaret Ashe
Lucy Ashe
Emma Ashe
Caroline Ashe
Ann Ashe
Martha Ashe
Anne Ashe
Alice Ashe
Grace Ashe
Florence Ashe
Annie Ashe
Lizzie Ashe
Fanny Ashe
Susan Ashe
Louisa Ashe
Helena Ashe
Cecilia Ashe
Maria Ashe
Blanche Ashe
Lydia Ashe
Flora Ashe
Victoria Ashe
Louissa Ashe
Ethel Ashe
Sophia Ashe
Amelia Ashe
Kathleen Ashe
Rose Ashe
Agness Ashe
Isabella Ashe
Rachel Ashe
Henrietta Ashe
Edith Ashe
Matilda Ashe
Hannah Ashe
Gertrude Ashe
Carar Ashe
Florance Ashe
Bessie Ashe
Selina Ashe
Amy Ashe
Letitia Ashe

Top occupations

Inspector Of Police Daughter
General Servant
Winder Woollen Mill
(C) Miner
Labourer (Ag)
Ag Lab
General Labourer
Catcher At Plate Rolls (Iron)
General Serv Domestic
Cotton Winder
Curate Of Dalwood
Curate Of Stavely
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Esquire Major...Kings Dragoon 9th Infy
General Serv
Fruit Egg Potato & Corn Merchant & Co
Fur(rier) Manufacturer
General Servant (Domestic)
Gardners Boy
Gen Lab
General Domestic Servant
Consulting Engineer
Wosted Weaver
Boy 2nd Class
Boot & Shoe Machinist
Boats Mate
Bankers Clerk
Baker & Grocer Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Captn Of Staff Corp Bengal
Cashier To Cotton Goods Merchant
Chaser In Metal (Wkr)
Compositor Printer
Coachman D
Coach Painter Ry
Clerk To Cotton Goods Merchant
Clerk In Orders B A