Ashforth in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Ashforth
George Ashforth
John Ashforth
Henry Ashforth
Joseph Ashforth
Thomas Ashforth
James Ashforth
Alfred Ashforth
Charles Ashforth
Walter Ashforth
Albert Ashforth
Samuel Ashforth
Arthur Ashforth
Robert Ashforth
Frederick Ashforth
Edward Ashforth
Wm. Ashforth
Edwin Ashforth
Harry Ashforth
Luke Ashforth
Tom Ashforth
Ernest Ashforth
Joel Ashforth
Lewis Ashforth
Vincent Ashforth
Joe Ashforth
Bernard Ashforth
Noah Ashforth
M.J.A. Ashforth
Geo. Ashforth
Abraham Ashforth
Levi Ashforth
Frank Ashforth
Septimus Ashforth
Jesse Ashforth
Edgar Ashforth
Sam Ashforth
Jacob Ashforth
Reginald Ashforth
Wm.E. Ashforth
Benjamin Ashforth
Malham Ashforth
Willie Ashforth
Archibald Ashforth
M.C.A. Ashforth
Fredrick Ashforth
Wilfrid Ashforth
Fred Ashforth
Joshua Ashforth
Francis Ashforth

Top female forenames

Mary Ashforth
Sarah Ashforth
Annie Ashforth
Eliza Ashforth
Elizabeth Ashforth
Ann Ashforth
Alice Ashforth
Margaret Ashforth
Ada Ashforth
Emma Ashforth
Lydia Ashforth
Louisa Ashforth
Sophia Ashforth
Maria Ashforth
Clara Ashforth
Lucy Ashforth
Rebecca Ashforth
Jane Ashforth
Harriett Ashforth
Hannah Ashforth
Edith Ashforth
Frances Ashforth
Laura Ashforth
Emily Ashforth
Elizth. Ashforth
Ellen Ashforth
Matilda Ashforth
Selina Ashforth
Rose Ashforth
Florence Ashforth
Carrie Ashforth
Polly Ashforth
Kate Ashforth
Esther Ashforth
Jessie Ashforth
Minnie Ashforth
Henrietta Ashforth
Alberta Ashforth
Harriet Ashforth
Gertrude Ashforth
Charlotte Ashforth
Fanny Ashforth
Susan Ashforth
Elinor Ashforth
Margarete Ashforth
Albania Ashforth
Salina Ashforth
Adeline Ashforth
Christiana Ashforth
A. Ashforth

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Metal Smith
(Table K Cutler)
Domestic Servant
Errand Boy
File Forger
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Employed At Tin Works
Warehouse Girl
Iron Turner
No Occupation
Retired Ironmonger
Formerly Innkeeper
School Teacher
Bolt Maker
Gas Hook Manufacturer (Fitter)
Pearl Grinder (Button)
File Cutter
Button Maker
Farm Laborer
Farmer (20 Acres)
Assistant to Stationer Inn Serv
Winder Cotton
Agricultural Laborer
Fancy Jeweller
C Of House
Bone Turner (Button)
Cabinet Brass Trade
Carpenter And Wheelwright
Coal Agent
Commercial Clerk
Cotton (Dyer) Maker Up
Brewers Laborer
Brass Stamper
Brass Founder