Askam in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Askam
Charles Askam
Thomas Askam
Arthur Askam
John Askam
Robert Askam
William Askam
Samuel Askam
Abraham Askam
Joseph Askam
George Askam
Edwin Askam
Bob Askam
M.P.John Askam
Jno. Askam
Henry Askam
Frederick Askam
Sefton Askam
Benjamin Askam
Sam Askam
Albert Askam
Richard Askam
Lot Askam
Wm. Askam

Top female forenames

Mary Askam
Hannah Askam
Alice Askam
Harriet Askam
Emma Askam
Sarah Askam
Ada Askam
Eliza Askam
Elizabeth Askam
Clara Askam
Rose Askam
Charlote Askam
Nancy Askam
Ann Askam
Jane Askam
Eva Askam
Emily Askam
Ruth Askam
Charlotte Askam
Rebecca Askam
Catherine Askam
Minnia Askam
Margaret Askam
Florence Askam

Top occupations

Millhand (Worsd)
Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Glass Blower
Wool Comber
Pottery Lab (Unemployed)
Wool Comber (Stf)
Grocer Wife
Horse Shoer (Blacksmith)
Inspector Of Nuiscenses
Shoe Upper Machinist
Master Mariners Wife
Millhand (Fwt)
Shoe Maker
Shoe Fitter
No Occupation
Oiler In A Flax Mill
Moulders Lab (Iron)
General Servt (Dom)
Coal Miner Labr
Coal Miner
Coachman (D)
Cloth Weaver
Carter Flour Mill
Brickmaker (Unemployed)
Dock Labourer
Domestic Serv
General Lab Wife
General Lab
Forgeman (Iron)
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Of 18 Acres
Earthenware Dealer
Domestic Servant