Askwith in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Askwith
Thomas Askwith
William Askwith
George Askwith
Robert Askwith
Charles Askwith
Edward Askwith
Frank Askwith
Joseph Askwith
James Askwith
Arthur Askwith
Frederick Askwith
David Askwith
Ernest Askwith
Henry Askwith
Tom Askwith
Harry Askwith
Percy Askwith
Matthew Askwith
Edmund Askwith
Christopher Askwith
Wm.Frank Askwith
Walter Askwith
Alfred Askwith
H.J.C. Askwith
Samuel Askwith
Richard Askwith
Frances Askwith
Maurice Askwith
L.M.Fielder Askwith
Jos. Askwith
Chas.H. Askwith
Joe Askwith
Bertie Askwith
Herbert Askwith
Arther Askwith
Albert Askwith
Stephen Askwith

Top female forenames

Mary Askwith
Elizabeth Askwith
Sarah Askwith
Ann Askwith
Annie Askwith
Jane Askwith
Ellen Askwith
Eliza Askwith
Harriet Askwith
Clara Askwith
Martha Askwith
Emily Askwith
Caroline Askwith
Ethel Askwith
Marian Askwith
Frances Askwith
Catherine Askwith
Louisa Askwith
Alice Askwith
Hester Askwith
Edith Askwith
Maria Askwith
Margaret Askwith
Francis Askwith
Charlotte Askwith
M.Gonne Askwith
Florence Askwith
Lucy Askwith
Fanny Askwith
Sophia Askwith
Beatrice Askwith
Lillie Askwith
Rosetta Askwith
Laura Askwith
Matilda Askwith
Ida Askwith
Eleanor Askwith
Harriett Askwith
Delia Askwith
Margt. Askwith
Hannah Askwith
Christianna Askwith
Mabel Askwith
Lydia Askwith
Flora Askwith
Thresa Askwith
Biddy Askwith
Fannie Askwith
Augusta Askwith
Lilley Askwith

Top occupations

Gen Lab
Holding Dividends
Pupil Teacher
Coke Yard Labourer
Commercial Traveller
Farmers wife
File Cutter
Pen And Pocket Knife Cutler
Bank Managers Daughter
Flax Mill Winder
General Royal Artillery
File Smith
Formerly Chemist
Farmer 12 Acres
Farmer 260 Acres
Farmer Farmin 100 Acres
Farmer Groom Dom
Farmer Of 68 Acres
Flax Mill Spinner
Farmer Of 171 Acres Empl 3 Men
Drapers Assistant
armers Wife
Bank Manager Stock & Share Broker (Serv)
Worsted Weaver
Boot & Shoe Maker
Boot Maker
Bread Baker
Civil Engineer
Corset Maker (Stay)
Cotton Weaver (Unemployed)
Curate Of Ch Ch Surbiton
Divinity Student Durham Univ
Domestic Machinery Dealer
Domestic Sert
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant (General)