Aspinwall in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Aspinwall
John Aspinwall
Thomas Aspinwall
Henry Aspinwall
James Aspinwall
Richard Aspinwall
Peter Aspinwall
Alfred Aspinwall
George Aspinwall
Charles Aspinwall
Joseph Aspinwall
Frederick Aspinwall
Robert Aspinwall
Reginald Aspinwall
Samuel Aspinwall
Robt. Aspinwall
Edward Aspinwall
Jesse Aspinwall
Willmore Aspinwall
Geo. Aspinwall
Francis Aspinwall
Chas.Oldfield Aspinwall
Philip Aspinwall
Arthur Aspinwall
Jno. Aspinwall
Jas. Aspinwall
Hy. Aspinwall
Stephen Aspinwall
Ruth Aspinwall

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Aspinwall
Mary Aspinwall
Margaret Aspinwall
Alice Aspinwall
Ellen Aspinwall
Jane Aspinwall
Ann Aspinwall
Hannah Aspinwall
Sarah Aspinwall
Louisa Aspinwall
Eleanor Aspinwall
Clara Aspinwall
Anne Aspinwall
Isabella Aspinwall
Annie Aspinwall
Isabel Aspinwall
Margt. Aspinwall
Fanny Aspinwall
Susannah Aspinwall
Edith Aspinwall
Maud Aspinwall
Harriett Aspinwall
Martha Aspinwall
Margareth Aspinwall
Amelia Aspinwall
Esther Aspinwall
Madeleine Aspinwall
Agnes Aspinwall
Susanah Aspinwall
Lily Aspinwall
Ruth Aspinwall
June Aspinwall
Norah Aspinwall
May Aspinwall
Beatrice Aspinwall
Harriet Aspinwall
Amy Aspinwall
Emma Aspinwall
Lydia Aspinwall
Elizth. Aspinwall
Lottie Aspinwall
Elena Aspinwall
Lillie Aspinwall
Rachel Aspinwall
Julia Aspinwall
Nancy Aspinwall
Catherine Aspinwall

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Ag Lab
Piecer In Cotton Mill
Farm Servant Indoor
House Painter
Cotton Warehouseman Dlr
Cabinet Maker
Domestic Servant
Farmers Son
Tinplate Worker
Farm Lab
Licensed Victualler
Iron Dresser
Iron Turner
Cotton Piecer
Assistant Teacher (School)
Farmer Of 46 Acres Employ 3 Labs & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 95 Acres Employs 4 Labourers & 1 Boy
Colliery Banksman Unemployed
Formerly Gen Serv Dom
General Lab
General Laborer
General Labourer
Agricultural Lab
Grocer Wife
Grocers Assistant
Chartered Fellow Society Of Accountants Insurance Agent
Farmer Dau
Worsted Weaver
Building Materials Merchant
Cotton Weaver Wife
Doffer (Cotton)
Dom Serv Nurse
Boiler Maker
Colliers Engine Tenter
Boatman Wife
Core Maker At Iron Works
Cabinet Maker (Employs 4 Men & 4 Boys)
Bar Maid