Asplin in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Asplin
William Asplin
George Asplin
Charles Asplin
James Asplin
Henry Asplin
Isaac Asplin
Joseph Asplin
Thomas Asplin
Frederick Asplin
Frank Asplin
Amos Asplin
Jacob Asplin
Herbert Asplin
W. Asplin
H.D. Asplin
T.S.S. Asplin
Robert Asplin
Francis Asplin
Peter Asplin
Edward Asplin
Pamplin Asplin
D. Asplin
Jonathan Asplin
Arthur Asplin
Albert Asplin
Willson Asplin
Walter Asplin
Sidney Asplin
Richd. Asplin
Ernest Asplin
Percy Asplin
Edgar Asplin

Top female forenames

Mary Asplin
Elizabeth Asplin
Sarah Asplin
Jane Asplin
Charlotte Asplin
Alice Asplin
Ann Asplin
Eliza Asplin
Florence Asplin
Emma Asplin
Edith Asplin
Hannah Asplin
Annie Asplin
Martha Asplin
Emily Asplin
Louisa Asplin
Harriet Asplin
Rachel Asplin
Ellen Asplin
Abigail Asplin
Flora Asplin
Esther Asplin
Susan Asplin
Agnes Asplin
Elizebeth Asplin
Selina Asplin
Julia Asplin
Rose Asplin
Dora Asplin
Gertrude Asplin
Clara Asplin
Phoebe Asplin
G.F.N. Asplin
Betsy Asplin
Minnie Asplin
Anna Asplin
Fanny Asplin
Angelina Asplin
Margaret Asplin
Susannah Asplin
Lucy Asplin
Sophia Asplin
Leah Asplin
Rebecca Asplin
Constance Asplin
Priscilla Asplin
Georgina Asplin
Nellie Asplin
Frances Asplin
Mildred Asplin

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag. Lab.
Ag. Laborer
Agricultural Laborer
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
Farmers Son
General Serv
Watch Jeweller
Agl Laborer
Twins Scholar
General Lab.
Gen Lab
Gardener Pauper
G N R Shunter Pointsman
Furniture Shopman
Foreman Coprolite Works
Foreign Merchant
House Painter Wife
General Serv (Dom)
General Serv Domestic
General Servant (Domestic)
Groom (Dom)
House Painter
Wife Of Farm Labourer
Cook Domestic
Farmer Of 910 Acres Employing 30 Men & 3 Bys
Butler Domestic
Cab Driver
Coachman Domestic Serv
Colliery Fireman
Cottager Of 9 Acres (Farmer)
Cottagers Wife
Drapers Asst
Dressmakers Assistant
Engine Driver
Engine Driver Wife
Errand Lad
Farm Labourer
Farmer 70 Acres 2 Men 3 Women
Farmer 870 Acres Employing 20 Men & 4 Boys