Asprey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Asprey
James Asprey
George Asprey
Joseph Asprey
John Asprey
Thomas Asprey
Edward Asprey
Albert Asprey
Henry Asprey
Frank Asprey
Chas. Asprey
Arthur Asprey
Harry Asprey
Stephen Asprey
Emanuel Asprey
Isaiah Asprey
Charles Asprey
Francis Asprey
J. Asprey
Herbert Asprey
Fredk. Asprey
Richard Asprey
Oswald Asprey
Edwin Asprey
David Asprey
Alfred Asprey
Walter Asprey
H. Asprey
T. Asprey
Fredrick Asprey
Samuel Asprey
Frederick Asprey
Peter Asprey
Lionel Asprey
Elisha Asprey

Top female forenames

Mary Asprey
Sarah Asprey
Elizabeth Asprey
Martha Asprey
Eliza Asprey
Ann Asprey
Emma Asprey
Emily Asprey
Jane Asprey
Alice Asprey
Ellen Asprey
Ada Asprey
Annie Asprey
Amelia Asprey
Louisa Asprey
Hannah Asprey
Margaret Asprey
Julia Asprey
Ethel Asprey
Mabel Asprey
Clara Asprey
Bertha Asprey
Caroline Asprey
Rebecca Asprey
Florence Asprey
Muriel Asprey
Agnes Asprey
A...e Asprey
Eleanor Asprey
Isabel Asprey
Catharine Asprey
Rosalie Asprey
Harriot Asprey
Blanch Asprey
Priscilla Asprey
Nancy Asprey
Eveline Asprey
Lucy Asprey
Clare Asprey
Susanah Asprey
Isabella Asprey
Catherine Asprey
Rose Asprey
Henrietta Asprey
Harriet Asprey
Betsy Asprey
Patience Asprey

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Operative
Fustian Cutter
Farm Labourer
Cotton Spinner
Stationary Engine Driver In Foundry
Hooker (C)
Agricultural Labourer
Grocers Assistant
Dom Waitress
Domes Serv
Domestic At Home
Filling Labourer
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Farm Labourer Wife
Farm Bailiff
Engine Tenter
Engine Driver At Cutlery Works
Farm Servant Domestic (Indoor)
Dressing Case Maker (Leath Goods)
Dresser Iron Foundry
Drapery Case Maker
Dressing Case Maker (Sea Goods)
Corn Merchant
Block Cutter
Book Folder
Brickmakers Labourer
Woollen Dyer
Carpenter & Joiner
Coal & Stone Miner
Commercial Clerk
Cook & Cutter (N D)
Apprentice To Tin Plate Worker
Cotton Reeler