Atchinson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Atchinson
John Atchinson
Thomas Atchinson
George Atchinson
James Atchinson
Robert Atchinson
Thos. Atchinson
Edward Atchinson
David Atchinson
Joseph Atchinson
Richard Atchinson
Charles Atchinson
Arthur Atchinson
Wm. Atchinson
Frederick Atchinson
Andrew Atchinson
Henry Atchinson
Ganefor Atchinson
Felix Atchinson
Thompson Atchinson
Edmund Atchinson
Daniel Atchinson
Kenneth Atchinson
Isaac Atchinson
Gilbert Atchinson
Geo. Atchinson

Top female forenames

Mary Atchinson
Elizabeth Atchinson
Ann Atchinson
Jane Atchinson
Hannah Atchinson
Eliza Atchinson
Louisa Atchinson
Isabella Atchinson
Martha Atchinson
Margaret Atchinson
Sarah Atchinson
Esther Atchinson
Elizh. Atchinson
Margarett Atchinson
Bertha Atchinson
Julia Atchinson
Ada Atchinson
Hannaha Atchinson
Ruth Atchinson
Georgina Atchinson
Minnie Atchinson
Fanny Atchinson
Ellen Atchinson
Margt. Atchinson
Charlotte Atchinson
Kate Atchinson
Annie Atchinson
Alice Atchinson
Harriett Atchinson
Nellie Atchinson
Frances Atchinson
Marjorie Atchinson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Colliery Lab
Cotton Warp Twister
Domestic Serv
General Domestic Servt Unemployed
Ag Lab
Farmer Son
Postman (C S)
Iron Master
Railway Station Master
Labr Iron Works
Master Mariners Wife
Railway Lab 2/3
Post Mistress Draper & Grocer
Private R M
Master Stevedore
Methodist Free Church Minister
Postmistress Clerk
News Paper Clerk
Newspaper Clerk
Cottager 6 Acres (Farmer)
House Carpenter Workman
Gentleman Income From Land
Coachman (Dom)
Clerks Wife
Chemical Labourer
Chancery Retired Civil Serv
Cap Maker(Hatter)
Asst Draper ((Sert))
Worsted Weaver
Coachman Unemployed
Commercial Clerk
Forge Labourer (Iron)
Farmer Wife
Blast Furnace Man
Farmer Of 206 Acres Employs 4 Serv & 2 Sons
Errand Boy
Cook Dom
Commission Agent